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  • Deposit through more than 50,000 Termsabuyplus kiosks nationwide 24 hours daily, except those in front of 7-Eleven outlets.
  • Deposit with any series of banknotes or coins, starting from THB 1.
  • Deposit amount limit of THB 2,000 per day per civil ID card number of depositor
  • Receipt of deposit confirmation SMS from Termsabuyplus after completion of deposit.


Service Fee


Service fee payable by depositor to Termsabuyplus
Deposit Amount/Transaction Fee
THB 1 - 1,000  THB 35
More than THB 1,000 - 2,000  THB 50 


Depositor must put cash into the machine in the deposit amount plus the service fee, such as for deposit of THB 800, the amount to be inserted into the machine is THB 835.