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Important Information: Foreign Customer Only

Foreign customers will not be able to do transaction beyond the limits via the CIMB THAI Digital Banking app


To align with the Bank of Thailand’s measures on fraud prevention, from 16th June 2023 onwards customers will not be able to do the following transactions via CIMB THAI Digital Banking application


  • Fund transfer to other person more than or equal to THB 50,000 per transaction,
  • Fund transfer to other person every THB 200,000 in total, within one-day period


Therefore, from 16th June 2023 onwards If you wish to transfer money in the amount that exceeds the above prescribed limits, you can either contact our branches, or transfer to other bank accounts via CIMB Thai Debit Card (Thai Standard Format) by using the ATM booth of such beneficial bank destination.

Sorry for any inconvenience cause that may occur to you.

Please reassure that we are working on enhancing the systems to support the regulatory requirements. We will keep customers informed when it is ready.


For more information, please click FAQ or leave your further query via Feedback Form



Important Information: Thai Customer Only

Elevate the security of fund transfer and changing transfer limit through CIMB THAI Digital Banking.


Just additionally scan your face before conducting following transactions via CIMB THAI Digital Banking Application from 16th June 2023 onwards.


Transferring funds to other individuals or different banks with a transaction amount of THB 50,000 or more.

Transferring funds to other individuals or different banks in an aggregate amount of THB 200,000 per day.

Changing the transfer limit on the setting menu of the application.

Scheduling money transfer transaction in advance.


To ensure seamless money transfers through the application, please visit any bank branch with your ID card to update your identity verification information and perform a facial scan. If you do not have Chill D or Speed D+ savings account, please open the bank account through the app. to verify your identity and update your facial scan data simultaneously from today onwards.


For more information, please click FAQ or leave your further query via Feedback Form


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