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Sustainable action is all about creating positive impacts through our day-to-day business. Our key focus is on promoting sustainability practices in our operations and processes across the organization We set various milestones and commit to initiate tangible steps for addressing sustainability challenges facing our business as well as our stakeholders. We also encourage our people to champion definitive action to mitigate negative impacts and create positive change within our circles of influence as well as the communities where we operate.







In keeping with our sustainability agenda and sustainable workplace practices, we consciously manage the environmental footprint and/or social impact of our events. The objectives are to design and deliver events that minimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and benefit disadvantaged and/or underrepresented communities and/or stakeholders who need support most. The aspiration is to gradually integrate various sustainability considerations into our standard operating procedures for all CIMB Thai events.

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CIMB Thai recognises the difficulties some of our customers are facing during this challenging time and stands ready to assist.

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