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Systematic engagement is fundamental to understanding stakeholders' needs. While it is critical to analyse, understand and respond to the evolving expectations, needs, and issues of our stakeholders, it is equally important to reach out to our employees, peers, clients, policymakers, regulators, as well as the government to advocate principles and programmes that will positively contribute to greater impact. As such, we have invested our resources and time to continuously raise the level of engagement with all relevant internal stakeholders and external stakeholders.

CIMB Group’s Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacy, please visit the link to CIMB’s Sustainability Section as follows:


Sustainability Themed Events


The Cooler Earth Sustainability Summit is organised annually to raise awareness and inspire urgent and definitive action towards shaping a more responsible society and a less sweltering planet (hence "Cooler").

For more information please visit



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 



schools who lack opportunities to get access to technology or useful resources for educational purpose. CIMB Thai helped to set up a computer classroom with internet & provided libraries in those schools.


Organized activities to build awareness about the environment, e.g. waste separation project for students to acknowledge how to separate, Reuse & Recycle waste. We also educated the students by using online media as a channel to spread an awareness. 

Volunteer Program

Launched 4 key staff volunteer programs throughout the year across CIMB Thai & our subsidiaries e.g.  Blood donation, Run to Win, Read for the Blind and Mor Phrom call center

People With Disabilities (PWD)

  • An initiative by CIMB Thai that provides employment opportunities  to the disabled

             2021 : 26

             2020 : 28

  • Out of the 26, 2 have been hired to work with CIMB Thai bank
  • We target to increase our PWD initiatives reach further in 2022 by extending the coverage to our subsidiaries as wel


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

More details on CSR can be found in the link below


CIMB Group has been consistently exploring partnership opportunities in order to support sustainability actions not only locally but also globally.

More details on CIMB Group’s Global and Local Partnerships Sustainability Roadmap can be found in the link below