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Bank smarter with our mobile app

Experience greater flexibility with CIMB THAI’s latest mobile banking application. The CIMB THAI App app makes financial transactions even simpler.

Start banking digitally with CIMB THAI

We are here to help you with your day-to-day banking needs. Simplify your lifestyle with these convenient services.

Digital banking features to enhance your investments

Manage your investments from your smartphone with our digital banking features for investors.

Manage your portfolio at your convenience

Our mutual fund services are here to help you meet your financial and investment needs anytime, anywhere.
  • Perform transactions to subscribe, redeem and switch funds conveniently.
  • Track your historical transactions easily.



  • Investors should carefully study the features, conditions, risks and returns of mutual funds before making any investment decisions.


  • In order to view your online portfolio and conduct any transaction via CIMB THAI App, please contact your relationship manager in charge or CIMB Thai branch to open your “FundConnext Single Form”

*Subject to terms and conditions specified by the Bank.

Enhance your debenture investment opportunity

Subscribe to debentures easily, conveniently and quickly via the app. Make transactions and view historical statements in just a few taps.


Note: Investors should study the product features for debentures, as well as the conditions on return generation and the associated risks, before making an investment.

*Subject to terms and conditions specified by the Bank.

Discover more services for your banking needs

Register for CIMB THAI App

Discover how to register your account via your Debit Card, Activation Code and Loan Account.

Transfer money and pay bills with QR Scan

Find out how to make money transfers and bill payments with QR Scan using the CIMB THAI App.

Book a primary bond through the mobile app

Find available debentures, study their details, and purchase them via CIMB THAI App.

Request for a home loan certificate on the app

As a Home Loan 4U customer, you can make unlimited requests for tax certificates, which will be sent to you via email.

Purchase insurance with CIMB THAI App

Apply for life insurance plans and make your purchase on the CIMB THAI App.