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Governance also ensures that we are meeting expectations and carrying out our mandate for sustainability, while also mitigating risks in the business. It is intended to future-proof and put in place controls that limit the organization's risk exposure, which also ensure commercial sustainability. Appropriate policies and practices reinforce a healthy culture of integrity and transparency throughout the organization. 






Sustainability Governance


CIMB Thai Sustainability Policy


CIMB Thai Sustainability Policy


The  Sustainability Policy (SP) outlines CIMB Thai’s approach to sustainability (including its ESG risk management). The SP provides guidance on how sustainability risks should be managed and is guided by five key principles:


  1. Ensure that the management of our internal operations and employees is consistent with our policies and position on various sustainability risks.
  2. Take appropriate measures to manage sustainability risks of our business activities and not engage in business activities that do not meet our policy requirements.
  3. Adopt an inclusive approach to our business relations and strive to positively influence their own sustainability performance and commitment.
  4. Engage actively and openly with our stakeholders, including suppliers on proactive management of sustainability risks and identification of opportunities for sustainable growth.
  5. Exercise due care and diligence to evaluate, adopt and advocate proactive measures to minimise and in the long-run prevent environmental harm, as well as promote social equity.


Sustainability Risk Management Framework


CIMB Thai adopts the same Sustainability Risk Management Framework as CIMB Group. More details on CIMB Group’s Sustainability Risk Management Framework can be found in the link below



Sustainability Operating Model

Corporate Governance


It is important for us to maintain strong governance practices given the highly regulated industry in which CIMB Thai operates in. We have adopted various initiatives to provide appropriate accountability and transparency as well as establish proper culture and behaviours. 

Find out more here


Anti-Money Laundering


All Employees must conduct appropriate due diligence to understand the business and background of the Bank’s prospective business counterparties and to determine the origin and destination of money, property, and services. In case of finding any suspicious transactions or suspected incidents of money laundering or bribery, the Bank’s Anti-Money Laundering Policy shall apply.


Human Rights


The Bank has established Human Rights Policy and Procedures to ensure its directors, executives and employees comply with and respect human rights as prescribed in the Thai Constitution. This includes the right to equal treatment irrespective of differences in homeland, race, religion, gender, age, personal status, social or financial status, religious beliefs, education, or political viewpoints which are not against the provisions of the Constitution. The policy and procedures also provide for the Bank to withdraw its support from, or not engage with, individuals or organizations which are proven to have acted in breach of human rights.


Gift, Entertainment, sponsorship and donation policy

Whistleblowing Policy


The Board of Directors has put in place channels to receive report on suspicious fraud incidents or behaviors and encouraged the employees to report such conduct as soon as possible. When the employees and stakeholders believe or suspect that such conduct may violate the rules and procedures in place or there may be fraud in the future.