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Term of use


  1. CIMB THAI BANK reserves the right to manage the web site for the convenience of the customers, general public and any interested parties wishing to seek news and information pertaining to the bank's operation through the Internet. The service user hereby agrees to the terms and details stated only in this term of service.
  2. CIMB THAI BANK owns the copyright in the images, text, screens and web pages appearing on the site, except for those with specific indication for being otherwise. No information or material shall be copied, duplicated, displayed, modified, downloaded, imitated and distributed for any other purpose without permission from CIMB THAI BANK.

Exceptions/Limitations of Use of Services


  1. Information displayed on the web site is created by CIMB THAI BANK personnel namely representatives from various concerned departments. The bank makes no endorsement on the compilations, arrangements and improvements of the information made to suit presentation requirement of the web site with regard to its accuracy, continuity and timeliness, for any business or other purposes. CIMB THAI BANK therefore reserves the right to modify or improve the information when necessary without making prior notices.
  2. Any person wishes to secure a confirmation or endorsement on the accuracy, timeliness and continuity of the information appearing on the web site must contact the personnel or department involved or directly responsible at CIMB THAI BANK. The bank takes no responsibility over any losses or damages arising from the use or reference of this web site due to its incompleteness, untimeliness, error, interruption of connection or carelessness, even after CIMB THAI BANK, or representatives, are advised of the possibility of such losses and damages beforehand. It is solely the responsibility of the web site user to realize the fact that CIMB THAI BANK is not liable for any actions on the part of the web site user or any other party involved.
  3. Information on the web site may contain opinions, suggestions or articles from other sources. This information cannot be confirmed for its accuracy or credibility. Therefore, it is upon the judgement of the web site user. CIMB THAI BANK will not be liable for any damages or losses arising in connection with the use of information, error, defect, interruption of connection, untimeliness of information, computer virus, electrical problem or limitation of computer equipment, electromagnetic pulse, unauthorized access, computer sabotage, unauthorized interception, unauthorized use of computer, alteration of or damage to computer programs, computer espionage, computer forgery, computer fraud or violation of personal information.
  4. The web site user will be liable for losses or damages occurred to the bank for the use of the web site following legal prosecution and compensation order, regardless of strict observance of the terms and conditions stated on the web site. The web site user is not entitled to make any demands to the bank in the case of unsatisfied usage. The user of this web site is only free to discontinue the use of this web site when unsatisfied.
  5. Information appearing on the web site does not represent any suggestion on investment or purchasing. CIMB THAI BANK is not involved with any use of the information by the web site user for any expected or unexpected business or other purposes.



  1. CIMB THAI BANK reserves the right to select the person qualified for the subscription of information services it provides namely e-mail pertaining to news, property sale, job opportunity, information request and complaint, according to its requirements. The bank also reserves the right to select information transmitted to web site user via the web site or e-mail, and it shall not deem as secret. The bank has complete right to make use of any information it receives from the visitor for any purposes.

Connection to the Third-Party Web Site


  1. The connection made to the third-party web site through this web site is only made to create additional convenience for the web site user. CIMB THAI BANK has no authority to endorse or confirm the accuracy, completeness, continuity, timeliness, credibility of such web site. Information contained in third-part web site may be restricted for further dissemination due to the copyright regulations. Therefore, any wish to make use of such information requires proper permission from the owner of the copyright directly.

Law Governing International Use of the Web Site


  1. Any interpretation or requirement made under the terms and condition of the use of this web site is made in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Thailand.
  2. The bank has the right to cease or limit the scope of any type of information dissemination, or make improvement to the information without making any prior notices or considering the result of the effect upon the web site user. The action shall not be considered as direct of indirect damages to web site user or person.
  3. The bank has the right to refuse the right to use the entire or portion of the web site to web site user without prior notice. There shall not be any exception made to any party except with the bank's written permission signed by the bank's authorized personnel.