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Community Link: Creating great projects to give back to Thailand’s society with ASEAN-level budget and capability

As a part of Thailand’s society and a member of the SEA region, CIMB THAI bank and CIMB foundation joined hands to launch Community Link, a grand project intended to help and develop local communities and socially underprivileged individuals in a sustainable manner. The main concept behind Community Link is that branches across the country will act as a central entity and collaborate with both local and non-profit organizations on designing projects that are truly suitable and in accordance with the needs of that particular community. The bank will collaborate with parties from various sectors, such as its associates, clients, executives, and public media, to initiate and further develop the planned projects. We execute them with a deep and genuine understanding of the community and with ASEAN-level budget and capability.


With a regional-level project execution model, projects under Community Link focus on incorporating 3 main aspects of development: socialsports, and education. Currently, the bank has progressively attained numerous projects under such models.


As such, if you have any suggestions on giving support or wish to recommend projects that are beneficial to the community close to your residents, please contact any branch of CIMB THAI or Social Activity Department under Corporate Communication Office, Tel: 0 2638 8252, 8261 or download the application form and send to