• Mutual Fund

We are pleased to provide a selection of quality funds to serve investor’s needs.  Design and create customer investment portfolio for wealth creation depending on risk appetite and target income return. We offer you the opportunity to invest in a wide variety of asset classes with investment professional managed.

  • A broad array of mutual fund product including fixed Income, equity, alternative investing in both local
    and international and Tax benefit products – LTF and RMF
  • Investment diversification
  • Managed by Professional Investment Management, CIMB-Principal Asset Management Co.,Ltd.
  • Our experienced and dedicated teams of professionals provide investment advisory services to support all types of investments
    to ensure and help the investors meet their financial objectives; wealth, education and retirement  
  • Convenience services through network of CIMB bank branches nationwide  
  • Comprehensive online transaction services through CIMB Clicks Internet Banking and CIMB Clicks on Mobile Application



  • Investors should study product features, conditions on returns generation, and associated risks before investment.
  • Investment in structured debenture is complicated and carries high risk, which is different from investment in debentures in general. Even though investors have investment experience in other types of products, they should study risk profile and conditions specific to structured debenture, and also seek advice from investment advisors before each investment.
  • Investment in securities is not saving of money. It is not protected by the Deposit Protection Agency, and may risk getting repaid not in full principal amount. Investors should make investment only when being assured that such investment serves their investment objectives and the associated risks are acceptable to them.


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