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Benefits & Privileges

Coverage of Your Choice
Coverage of Your Choice

Prominent point

  • Insured can decide sum insured to be suitable with the asset.
  • Covers any accidental damage not specified in the exclusions.


Terms and conditions


  1. Place and area of the insured property (Situation)
  2. Usage of the insured property (Occupancy)
  3. Construction
  4. Risks
  5. Protection
  6. Housekeeping
  7. Claims History


Benefits and coverage


Agreement of policy/ Attachment

Sum Insured

1. Types of property insurance  Every types of coverage (if there is a claim, the company will pay not over than the limited maximum)

Building                                             ____________THB

Property inside the building          ____________THB

Stock                                                  ____________THB

Machinery                                         ____________THB

Full amount of sum insured
Coverage Limit Attachment


Not over 50,000 THB

Earthquake disaster, volcanic eruption, underwater waves, tsunamis, etc.

1% of Sum insured


1% of Sum insured

Rent loss insurance

Not over 100,000 THB

Damage of electric appliances

1% of Sum insured

 2. Glass coverage

1% of Sum insured

 3. Third-party liability insurance

5% of Sum insured

 4. Insurance for money (M1) (1)

Not over 100,000 THB

 5.Death in an accident insured place

Not over 300,000 THB

Note. : The amount of coverage sum insured is for each accident and throughout the coverage period


(1) Company will provide coverage for money if the money is inside the insured property from burglary or damage to the safe box or burglary of safe box. ]


     Partial liability

5,000 THB

 For each or every accident

5,000 THB

 Caused by flood

10% of the damage value or a minimum of 10,000 THB

 Caused by wind

10% of the damage value or a minimum of 10,000 THB

 Caused by Earthquake disaster, Volcanic     eruption, or Tsunami


Excepted coverage 


Insurer should learn and check the excepted coverage of the policy

  • Protest, riot, strike blocking access to work or public unrest, including pressure to resist or control the government
  • This insurance policy is which immediately ceases and does not cover when the insured building or location of the insured property falls into a state of uninhabited or no caretaker for more than 30 consecutive days
  • There is a change in the production or the nature of the use of the place changed from the original and affects the building or storage place of the insured property and increases the risk.