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  1. CIMB Thai SME Care property risk insurance plan is a marketing name. The part in the policy will be the insurance name "SME Joy".
  2. Car insurance plan CIMB Thai Motor Care is a marketing name. The part in the policy will be the name of the insurance. "Voluntary Motor Insurance“
  3. CIMB Thai Group Accident Insurance Plan is a marketing name. The part in the policy will be the insurance name “SOMPO Safeguard Group”.
  4. Insurance products Not a deposit product
  5. If you wish to exercise the right to cancel the policy for any reason You can cancel your insurance policy. This depends on the type of insurance policy being offered for sale.
  6. The information in this document is for information only. Preliminary for sale only. Customers should learn more about coverage. Terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits from insurance policies
  7. Customers should understand the terms and conditions of the insurance plan before deciding to apply for insurance.
  8. The above premium Different according to the coverage plan of the insured depending on the company's criteria
  9. Methods for paying premiums for applying for new insurance and renewal years are as follows: cash, check, credit card.
  10. Premium for the renewal year may change according to the company's rules.
  11. CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited as a non-life insurance broker To be a presenter of non-life insurance products and facilitate the payment of insurance premiums only by Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL as the insurers responsible for the terms of coverage and benefits according to the specified conditions in the insurance policy.
  12. If there are any problems or questions, you can contact Sompo Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited. Customer Relations Center 02-119-3000 (Monday - Friday time 08:30 - 17:00)
  13. Bank contact : CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited, all branches

        CIMB Thai Care Center 02 626 7777

        CIMB Thai Website (