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Benefits & Privileges

Coverage Terms
Coverage Terms

Benefits and Coverage

Benefits and Coverage Insured amount (Baht/year)

Fire insurance coverage

Covers loss or damage of building and other contents in the insured property caused by Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Animal or Vehicle Impact, Aircraft and Water Damage (Excluded flood)


Extension coverage

•  Natural Perils

-  Earthquake, Volcanoes or Tsunami 500,000
-  Hail 500,000
-  Flood 50,000
•  Electrical injury 50,000
•  Rental Fee for Temporary Dwelling Premises*            Baht 1,000 per day and per policy period not exceed 50,000
•  Antique or Work of Art**                                                 Not exceed per policy period 10,000
•  Personal effect***                                                          Not exceed per policy period 10,000

Burglary coverage

Loss or damage to the Property Insured arising from Theft by force and violence resulting visible marks or damage upon the Insured’s Property or arising from the Robbery or Gang-Robbery including loss or damage arising from any attempt threat


Money Insurance

Loss or damage for money whilst being kept in the premises caused by theft, robbery and in the office’s locked safe within the premises caused by burglary


Plate Glass Insurance

Damage of Plate Glass (except any disfiguration or damage other than a fracture extending through the entire thickness of the Glass and damage during transit to or while being affixed to or removed or breakage directly or indirectly by fire)


Third party liability****

Death of or Bodily Injury to any person or Third-Party Property Damage          Not exceed per policy period


Compensation for death of Insured spouse and/or children

Arising from Fire, Explosion or Burglary within the insured premise with limit THB100,000 per person but not exceed


*  Rental Fee for Temporary Dwelling Premises with limit Baht 1,000 per day and not exceed 50,000 Baht per policy period of insurance   if the insured property is damaged more than 50% of replacement by rebuilding.

**  Antiques or work of art such as Buddha amulet, Buddha statue, Stone inscription, Statue, Bronze statue, Paintings etc.

***  Personal Effect mean personal property that can be portable such as watch, mobile phone, pre-paid card, laptop or notebook,  camera, video camera etc.

****  Third party does not include insured, insured’s employee, successor, father, mother, children, spouse, relatives or housemate that

is living with the insured.


Eligibility and Requirements 

  1. Coverage will only apply to building that is concrete
  2. Age of Insured Property must not exceed 20 years
  3. Insured Property is for living purpose only
  4. Insured Property can be issued 1 policy
  5. Documents to apply : Complete application and provide copy of personal identification



Don’t have to worry about your home asset even when you are away

Claim consultation 24 hours Tel. 02-118-7400



1. CIMB Thai Home Care plan is the marketing name. The product policy name of this insurance is “Home insurance”.

2. CIMB Thai Home Care is an insurance product, not a saving product.

3. Premium delivery is the duty of the insured. The fact that the insurance broker collects insurance premiums is a service only. Please

     reading more information from the Insured's Handbook.

4. Underwriting and benefits payment was specified in the insurance policy of Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL “(Company)”

5. Insured property’s age must not exceed 20 years

6. Coverage will only apply to building that is concrete structure.

7. This policy is renewable according to the policy terms and condition.

8. Payment methods for applying new and renewal insurance are as follows: cash, check, debit via bank account, credit card.

9. Premium will vary depending on the coverage plan

10. Premiums for the renewal year are subject to change according to the Company's procedures.

11. The information on this website is only preliminary for sales purposes only. Customers should reading more on coverage, terms,

      conditions, exclusions and benefits from the insurance policy.

12. Customers should understand the terms and conditions of policy before deciding to apply for the insurance.

13. CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited is non-life insurance broker as product provider which facilitate the policy payment to

      Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL who is an insurer which responsible for coverage conditions and benefits according to the

      conditions that specified in the insurance policy.

14. If there are any issue or question, please contact Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL. Customer Relations Center 02-119-3000.

      (Monday - Friday time 08:30 - 17:00)

15. Contact : All branches of CIMB Thai Bank Plc., CIMB Thai Care Center 0 2626 7777, CIMB Thai website