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Features & Benefits

No Fees Free FX 2.5 % Worldwide Cash Withdrawal Secure
No Fees
Free FX 2.5 %
Worldwide Cash Withdrawal

Eligibility & Requirements

  • The applicant must be aged 15 or over.
  • The applicant must prepare their ID Card and mobile number.
  • A Digital Savings Account is required.

* Subject to the Bank's terms and conditions.


Find more information at:

1. Our website:

2. Any CIMB Thai branch

Fees & Charges

Card Fee Fee Rates
Entrance fee No fee
Card replacement fee THB 100/card
Annual fee for basic type No fee
Fees on Transactions Made at ATM Fee Rates
Number of Transactions 8 Transaction/Day
Inter-region withdrawal in a different bank FREE
Inter-bank money transfer (ORFT) 1 - 10,000 = THB 25
10,001 - 50,000 = THB 35
*Limited at THB 50,000 per transaction
Inter-bank withdrawal/ balance inquiry at ATM with VISA abroad
THB 100/transaction

Sale Sheet

How to Register New Chill D Debit Card

  • Contact CIMB Thai Branch to apply for new Chill D Debit card
  • Apply for new Chill D Debit card via web service



Customers who apply for or request a new debit card via the Bank's website, during 11-27 March 2024, may receive the new one up to 14 days later than initially scheduled. Alternatively, customers may visit a bank branch to request the card issuance directly.


Sorry for any inconvenience.