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Features & Benefits

Returns Easy And Convenient
Easy And Convenient

Real Estate Investment Trust

Invest in properties, real estate and infrastructure via a fund. Investors may receive dividends that are usually 90% of the adjusted net profit or more.


  • Investors should study the product features, conditions on returns generation, and associated risks before making an investment.

  • Investing in structured debentures is different from investing in debentures in general. Investing in structured debentures is complicated and carries a high risk. Although investors may have investment experience in other types of products, they should study the risk profile and conditions specific to structured debentures, and consult with investment advisors before each investment.

  • Investing in securities is not saving money. It is not protected by the Deposit Protection Agency, and investors bear the risk of not getting repaid the full principal amount.

  • Investors should make an investment only when they are assured that the investment serves their investment objectives, and that the associated risks are acceptable to them.

  • For more information, visit any CIMB THAI branch or call 02-626-7777.