• Debenture

Primary Bond [ Initial public offering (IPO) ]

Corporate bond is a type of debt securities issued by a company with a tenor of at least one year. Companies issue debentures to raise fund from investors and public to support their business operation. Conditions and details of issuance of these debentures are varied to support need of issuers’capital requirement, principal repayment capability.  Also support needs of investors’s investment appetite.  

Secondary Bond

We provide pre-matured government/corporate bond purchase and sale offering services*

Our services aim to provide liquidity or serve as a tool to reallocate your investment portfolio in government and corporate bonds at fair prices, without service charge 

  • Tradable and negotiable government/ corporate bonds
  • Investment terms (short or long) of  your choice
  • Greater opportunity to receive regular returns on investment
  • Diversification of investment risks

* Government/ corporate bonds of specific types as prescribed by the Bank.



The above investment in debt securities is not deposit of money and generally involves risks. Investment value may increase or decrease from the initial amount invested. Moreover, investor may not receive payment for the sale of securities within the specified period or may not be able to sell as ordered. Investor should trade securities with the party approved by the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investment in securities in the capital markets with high risks or complexity may be different from investment in securities in the capital markets in general.

Investor should study and understand product (securities) features, conditions, returns, and risks before making investment decision.


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