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Benefits & Privileges

Extended Coverage Additional Benefits
Extended Coverage
Additional Benefits

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Age: 16 – 60 years old (renewal up to 70 years old)
  • Not eligible for these occupation including construction worker , motorbike taxi, messenger, fishing crew , firefighter , soldier , policeman, Lawyer, doctor, nurse and other health staffs who involved in medical treatment.
  • Good health condition with no chronic diseases or Self-perceived symptoms that has not been treated on the submission date such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, all types of cancer, AIDS or having HIV or a serious physical or mental disorder.
  • Maximum 1 package per person.
  • If the insured is found to be unqualified, the company will cancel the policy and return the full amount of premium paid to the insured.
  • SIO policy type that requires answer health questions


Benefit & Coverage Details

Coverage details Sum insured amount (THB)
Plan 1 Plan 2
1. Loss of life, dismemberment, loss of sight, or total permanent disability from general accidents in maximum amount. 500,000 1,000,000
2. Loss of life, dismemberment, loss of sight or total permanent disability from murder or Assault in maximum amount. 500,000 1,000,000
3. Loss of life, dismemberment, sight or total permanent disability from Riding a motorcycle as a driver or a passenger in maximum amount. 100,000 200,000

4. Loss of life, dismemberment, sight or total permanent disability while taking the public transportation


- Accident while traveling by public transport by land, sea, and air.

- Accidents in public buildings and public transport elevators.

1,000,000 2,000,000
5. Medical treatment per an accident cover by actual expense.  20,000 30,000
6. Daily compensation when admitting into the hospital due to an accident . (Up to 30 days per accident each time)  per day.  500 1,000
7. Funeral expenses in case of accidental death. 25,000 50,000

The company will pay coverage benefits up to specified in the benefit table in each item.


Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight or Total Permanent Disability from General Accident( Aor bor.1)

The company will pay only the highest compensation for single item as follows:

  • Loss of Life, 100% of the sum assured
  • Total permanent disability, 100% of the sum assured
  • Loss of both hands or both feet or both eyes, 100% of the sum assured
  • Loss of 1 hand and 1 foot, 100% of the sum assured
  • Loss of 1 hand and 1 eye , 100% of the sum assured
  • Loss of 1 foot and 1 eye, 100% of the sum assured
  • Loss of 1 hand or 1 foot or 1 eye, 60% of the sum assured


(1) Accident while in public transport means land, marine or air vehicle with a licensed driver and operate by legally authorized person to carry out passenger who has paid a fare and operate on a regular schedule route. The accident has to occur while taking on, off or in public transport as a passenger who paying the fare

(2) Public Accident means the Insured is in a public or private building (business hours). Jumping to save their lives in case of fire and while the Insured is an elevator passenger and an accident occurs on a public elevator for carrying people in a public building, excluding elevators used in mines or construction site. Including the insured is a passenger and an accident occurs, trains, sky trains, subways public transport bus bus transport company including public transport vans



Exceptions to the coverage under the policy contract

The following information is only a partial list of all exceptions. The insured applicant should study additional information and examine the policy waiver or Additional contracts which related. 

  • Non-disclosure of the truth or make a false statement in the application for insurance may cause the company to refuse to pay compensation.
  • The act of the insured while under alcohol 150 milligrams percent condition or under addictive substances which unable to control consciousness.
  • Suicide, attempt to suicide or self harm.
  • While insured is taking part in a brawl or taking part in inciting a brawl.



  1. CIMB THAI PA Care Plus is the marketing name. The product policy name of this insurance is "Personal Accident Insurance SOMPO Safeguard“.
  2. CIMB Thai PA CARE PLUS is an insurance product, not a saving product.
  3. Premium delivery is the duty of the insured. The fact that the insurance broker collects insurance premiums is a service only. Please reading more information from the Insured's Handbook
  4. Underwriting and benefits payment was specified in the insurance policy of Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL “(Company)”
  5. The insured can use health insurance actual premium not over 25,000 baht combined with all life insurance premiums as tax deduction up to 100,000 baht per year according to the guidelines of the Revenue Department. (According to announcement of the General Director of  Revenue Department No. 383)
  6. This policy is renewable according to the policy terms and condition.
  7. Payment methods for applying new and renewal insurance are as follows: cash, check, debit via bank account, credit card.
  8. The sample premium might different  from actual premium according to applicant’s coverage plan. Which follow to company procedures.
  9. Premiums for the renewal year are subject to change according to the Company's procedures.
  10. CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited is non-life insurance broker as product provider which facilitate the policy payment to Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL who is an insurer which responsible for coverage conditions and benefits according to the conditions that specified in the insurance policy.
  11. If there are any issue or question, please contact Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL. Customer Relations Center 02-119-3000. (Monday - Friday time 08:30 - 17:00)
  12. Contact of CIMB Thai : All branches

         CIMB Thai Care Center 02-626-7777

          CIMB Thai Website (