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Benefits & Privileges

Coverage of Your Choice 24-Hour Assistance
Coverage of Your Choice
24-Hour Assistance

Eligibility and Requirements 


  1. Cover for sedan not over 7 seats (Vehicle code 110) and Pickup not over 4 tons (Vehicle code 320)
  2. Vehicle age 2 - 20 years
  3. Cover for private use only not cover for commercial use, hiring or rental
  4. Repair only at Sompo contracted garage.

Excluded vehicles:

  • Hiring or rental car,
  • Van,
  • Super Car i.e. Lamborghini / Porsche / Maserati, etc.
  • Modified car for racing, modified engine car, sport car, rescue car,
  • Discontinued vehicles or unable to find replacement parts, Imported car.



Benefits and coverage



Quick Claim! 24 Hr.   Claim Hot Line 24 Hr. 02-118-7400

  • 639 surveyor company network on the way within 25 minutes*
  • Convenient with more than 432 garage network nationwide


Data as of 16 August 2020

*service terms and conditions as designated by the company


Exceptions to the coverage under the policy contract


These statement below are just some of exceptions. Insured should learn more information from policy document.

  • Driving by person whom got drunk of alcohol or other intoxicant while driving according to the Land Traffic Act
  • Driving by person whom possesses narcotics under the law on narcotics, or psychotropic substance under the law on psychotropic substances
  • Driving by person whom never received any of driving license and/or received but confiscated driving license and/or using motorcycle driving license to driving car
  • Using car illegally such as to plundering, robbery, narcotics transportation and/or engaging in car racing


SOMPO Roadside Service Tel. 02-039-5780


Emergency Roadside Service 24 hours

Free mechanical advice by phone 24 hours in case of emergency damage to the vehicle

Free for the attendance of a vehicle recovery operator to assist at the scene by once per year. Any expense besides labor cost will be born entirely and directly by the customer

Free for towing vehicle from the place of breakdown to any destination applies for each service within distance of 25 km. For any kilometer exceeding of 25 km., we will charge THB 30 per km. and shall be responded by the customer.

Free for the attendance of a gasoline refill operator at the scene include 10 litres of fuel per event once per year.

Free for the vehicle access service (Locksmith), if a Covered Vehicle is mistakenly locked, can choose the service by either (Choose 1 or 2)

1)   Free pick up the spare key within 20 km. from the breakdown site once per year. Addition km. will be charged at THB 25 per km.

2)   Special locksmith, the cost of the locksmith will be borne entirely and directly by the customer.

Additional privilege to serve the convenience of customers 24 hours

Free Airline and Transportation Ticket Referral and Reservation

Free Hotel Referral and Reservation

Free Restaurant Referral and Reservation

Free Golf Course Referral and Reservation

Free Car Rental and Limousine Service Referral and Reservation

All third party cost shall be responded by the customer





  1. CIMB Thai Motor Care 2+ 3+ Type Motor Insurance is the marketing name. The product policy name of this insurance is “Voluntary Motor Insurance”
  2. Premium payment is the duty of the insured. The fact that the non-life insurance broker collects insurance premiums is a service only. Please study complete information from the Insured's Handbook
  3. Coverage and benefits payment was specified in the insurance policy of Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL “(Company)”
  4. Underwriting cover for vehicle age 2-20 years
  5. Underwriting cover for vehicle for personal usage only. Underwriting is not cover for commercial usage, hiring and/or rental usage
  6. Excluded vehicles: Pickup with steel frame or roof truss or container over from cab head, pickup with cooling container, Truck over 4 tons, Special commercial use (Vehicles transporting goods with high risks such as oil trucks, trucks with fuel, acid, gas, or any inflammable or toxic chemicals), Construction vehicle, Van, Modified car for racing.
  7. Free of charge for SOMPO Roadside Service; an emergency service 24 Hour Tel. 02-039-5780
  8. Premium Payment methods for new and renewal insurance are as follows: cash, check, debit via bank account, credit card.
  9. The information on this website is only preliminary for sales purposes only. Customers should study complete coverage, terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits from the insurance policy.
  10. Customers should thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of policy before deciding to apply for the insurance.
  11. CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited is non-life insurance broker as service provider to facilitate the premium payment to Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL who is the insurer responsible for coverage conditions and benefits according to the conditions that specified in the insurance policy.
  12. If there is any question, please contact Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL.  customer service 02-119-3000 (Monday - Friday 8.30 - 17.00).
  13. Contact : All branches of CIMB Thai Bank Plc., CIMB Thai Care Center 0 2626 7777, CIMB Thai website