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Benefits & Privileges

Easy To Apply
Easy To Apply

Product Features  

  • No advance payment
  • Coverage up to 5,000,000 THB per time  (1),(2)
  • Premium start at 18 THB/day (3)


(1) Coverage for Platinum plan

(2) Per time means In-Patient hospitalized per confinement

(3) Calculate from plan-s annual premium, Male/Female age between 26 – 30 years 


Benefit & Coverage Details

Coverage Benefit Amount (Baht)
S M L Gold Platinum
 Inpatient benefits          
Maximum In-patient coverage per confinement 50,000 300,000




Category1. Hospital daily room and board including hospital service charges (In-patient) per confinement (1)






- Charges for room accommodation, meals and general hospital service charges incurred during confinement maximum

 30 days
 - Charges of Intensive Care Unit would be covered double amount of Daily room and board including hospital service

 charges (In-patient) benefit maximum 15 days, but not exceeding 30 days for total hospitalization

Category2. Hospital general expenses for medical diagnostic and treatment, costs of blood transfusion and its components, nursing services, costs of drugs and intravenous feeding, and costs of medical supplies per confinement

As charged but not exceed maximum coverage per confinement

     2.1 Hospital general expenses for medical diagnostic

     2.2 Hospital general expenses for medical treatment, costs of blood transfusion and its components, including nursing

     services fees

    2.3 Costs of drugs and intravenous feeding, including medical supplies 

     2.4 Costs of take home drugs and medical supplies I prescribed by physician 

 Category3. In-Hospital attending Physician's visit in connection with the treatment

 Category4. Surgical hospital expenses and Surgeon's fees per confinement

     4.1 Costs of operating room

     4.2 Costs of drugs and intravenous feeding, medical supplies, including operating equipments

     4.3 Surgeon's fees (including physician assistant)

     4.4 Anesthesiologist

     4.5 Medical expenses for organ transplantation






 Inpatient benefits          

Category5. Day Surgery - Major operation which not required hospitalization (Surgeon's fee only)

As charged but not exceed maximum coverage per confinement

Category6. Pre and Post Hospitalization per confinement

     6.1 Pre and Post Hospitalization Diagnostic Services - Charges related to the diagnostic procedures as recommended by a physician within 30 days before and after inpatient treatment

     6.2 Post Hospitalization Treatment - Costs of outpatient treatment incurred in follow up within 30 days after discharge from hospital (excluding hospital general expenses for medical diagnostic)

Category7. Costs of outpatient emergency treatment due to injury within 24 hours of each accident






Category8. Medical expenses for Rehabilitation given after hospitalization per confinement

As charged but not exceed maximum coverage per confinement

Category9. Medical expenses for treatment of Chronic kidney failure by Hemodialysis per policy year






Category10. Medical expenses for tumor or cancer treatment using Radiotherapy, Interventionradiology, Nuclear medicine per policy year As charged but not exceed maximum coverage per confinement

Category11. Medical expenses for cancer treatment using Chemotherapy including Targeted Therapy per policy year

Category12. Costs of ambulance for medical emergency






Category13. Medical expenses for minor surgery

As charged but not exceed maximum coverage per confinement


(1) A treatment as an in-patient in the hospital for each confinement means treatment as in-patient or with major surgery as an out-patient treatment (Day Surgery) in the hospital or medical facility. Including treatment in the hospital as an in-patient with major surgery that have to admit (Day Surgery) in a hospital or medical facility (no matter how many times). In case the same injury or illness which is incurable, related complications and continuously within 90 days from the date of discharge from the hospital or the last clinic shall be deemed to be the same treatments.


Eligibility & Requirements

  1. Insurable age of 18 – 65 years old and renewal until age 70 years old
  2. Insurer should be healthy and have not suffered from illness/disability before the policy effective date
  3. Maximum 1 policies per person.
  4. The applicant has the duty to provide true information in applying for insurance. Any concealment of truth or declaration of false statements may cause the insurance company to cancel the insurance contract or refuse to pay the claims under the insurance contract.  


Waiting Period 

  • Company will not pay benefits under this insurance policy for any illness that occurs during the 30 days after the policy becomes effective for the first time as specified in the policy schedule.
  •  Company will not pay benefits under this insurance policy in a period of 120 days after the first policy effective for illness as follows : Tumors, Cysts, or All types of cancer, Hemorrhoid, All types of hernia, Pterygium or cataract, Tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy, All types of stone, Varicose vein on the legs, and Endometriosis 


Exceptions to the coverage under the policy contract

  • Non-disclosure of the truth or make a false statement in the application for insurance may cause the company to refuse to pay compensation.
  • Pre-existing Condition.
  • General health check up or request for admission to a hospital or medical facility.
  • Cancer caused by symptoms of HIV infection or AIDS. 


Policy cancellation


Insured can cancel the policy via written letter to the company at all time whereby the company will return the premium after deducting premiums for the period of the insurance coverage has been used for. According to the table rate in the policy, the premium will be calculated as a short-term rate (Short rate). In case any claim incurred during the policy period, the policy will not be applicable for cancellation.



  1. CIMB Thai Health Care Plus is the marketing name. The product policy name of this insurance is "Personal Accident and Health Insurance SOMPO ENJOY“.
  2. CIMB Thai Health CARE Plus is an insurance product, not a saving product.
  3. Premium payment is the duty of the insured. The non-life insurance broker is only service provide for premium collection. Please study more information from the Insured's Handbook.
  4. Insurance coverage and benefits payment are specified in the insurance policy of Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL. “(Company)”
  5. Payment methods for applying new and renewal insurance are as follows: cash, check, credit card..
  6. Health insurance premium up to 25,000 baht is eligible for tax-deductible for actual amount paid but not exceeding 100,000 baht per year(According to the revenue department director’s announcement No. 383)
  7. Insurance policy term is one year. The policy is renewable according to the policy terms and condition.
  8. The information on this website is only preliminary for sales purposes only. Customers should study on detailed coverage, terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits from the insurance policy.
  9. Customers should thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of policy before deciding to apply for the insurance.
  10. CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited is non-life insurance broker as service provider to facilitate the premium payment. Sompo Insurance  (Thailand) PCL. is insurer responsible for coverage conditions and benefits as specified in the insurance policy.
  11. If there are any issue or question, please contact Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL. Customer Relations Center 02-119-3000. (Monday - Friday  08:30 - 17:00)
  12. Contact Us : CIMB Thai Bank

        CIMB Thai Care Center 02-626-7777

        CIMB Thai Website (