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Benefits & Privileges

Easy To Apply Covers All Cancer Types
Easy To Apply
Covers All Cancer Types

Eligibility & Requirements


  • Thai Nationality
  • Age: 1 – 60 years old (renewal up to 99 years old)
  • Not eligible for the workers in hazardous chemicals factories including: Battery Factory, Dry Battery Factory, Nickel Mine, Nuclear Power Plant, a factory that    uses radioactivity in production, Petroleum Plant, and the job that involved with coal and asbestos
  • Maximum 2 policies per person
  • If the insured is found unqualified, Company will cancel the policy and return the full amount of premium paid to the insured.
  • SIO policy type that requires answer health questions  


Benefit & Coverage Details

Coverage Sum Insured Amount  (THB)
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
1. The case of diagnosed with cancer either in pre-invasive or invasive-stage (except skin cancer) 100,000 200,000 500,000
2. The case of diagnosed with skin cancer 10,000 50,000 50,000
3. Medical treatment payment for Chemotherapy/ Radiation/Operation (1) pay according to the actual expense, maximum not over 100,000 100,000 300,000
4. Second Opinion (2) - - 10,000
5. Travel expense reimbursements for cancer treatment per time (maximum 10 times) (3) - - 500 / time


Waiting Period 

A symptom/diagnosis of any type of cancer or any cancer-related disorders occurs (include skin cancer) in pre-invasive or invasive stage within the 90-day waiting period following the first day that the policy is validated or policy effective date according to last policy renewal whichever occur most recently. The insured suffered, or still suffering from one of the following types of cancer will not be covered  • Hepatitis Virus B & C (both types of carriers and non-carriers) •  Cirrhosis Chronic hepatitis Alcoholism • Chronic pneumonia, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) • Inflammatory bowel disease • Cervicitis or vaginitis • Cancer in the form of tumor, lump, nodule or cyst that has not been removed via an operation or has recently been treated via an operation but less than 2 years before the first day that the policy is validated. 

Exceptions to the coverage under the policy contract


The following information is only a partial list of all exceptions. The insured applicant should study additional information and examine the policy waiver or Additional contracts which related.

  • Non-disclosure of the truth or make a false statement in the application for insurance may cause the company to refuse to pay compensation.
  • Pre-existing Condition.
  • Cancer caused by symptoms of HIV infection or AIDS.
  • Exposure to radiation or radioactivity from nuclear fuel or nuclear waste.
  • Radioactive or nuclear components explosion.  



  1. CIMB THAI Cancer Easy Care is the marketing name. The product policy name of this insurance is "Cancer Insurance“.
  2. CIMB THAI Cancer Easy Care is an insurance product, not a saving product.
  3.  Premium payment is the duty of the insured. The fact that the non-life insurance broker collects insurance premiums is a service only. Please study complete information from the Insured's Handbook.
  4. Coverage and benefits payment was specified in the insurance policy of Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL “(Company)”
  5. The insured can use health insurance premium up to 25,000 baht is eligible for tax-deductible for actual amount paid but not exceeding 100,000 baht per year(According to the revenue department director’s announcement No. 383)
  6. This policy is renewable according to the policy terms and condition.
  7.  Premium Payment methods for new and renewal insurance are as follows: cash, check, debit via bank account, credit card.
  8. The information on this website is only preliminary for sales purposes only. Customers should study complete coverage, terms, conditions, exclusions and benefits from the insurance policy.
  9. Customers should thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of policy before deciding to apply for the insurance.
  10. CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited is non-life insurance broker as service provider to facilitate the premium payment to Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL who is the insurer responsible for coverage conditions and benefits according to the conditions that specified in the insurance policy.
  11.  If there are any issue or questions, please contact Sompo Insurance (Thailand) PCL. Customer Relations Center 02-119-3000. (Monday - Friday time 08:30 - 17:00)
  12. Contact : All branches of CIMB Thai Bank Plc., CIMB Thai Care Center 0 2626 7777, CIMB Thai website