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Features & Benefits

High Interest Tax-Free Free Accident Insurance No Transaction Fees
High Interest
Free Accident Insurance
No Transaction Fees

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Add more value to your savings for the future with this tax-free and high interest fixed deposit plan and receive free personal accident insurance for the entire deposit period as additional benefit to assure you even more!
  • Age: 1 month to 65 years at the account opening day
  • 1 person per account (including all monthly tax-free accounts)
  • The minimum account opening deposit is THB 1,000, and the maximum is THB 25,000
  • The opening deposit amount shall be multiples of THB 500 (i.e. THB 1,500 / 2,000 / 2,500). After the account opening, each monthly deposit shall be the same amount as the initial opening deposit.
  • The deposit tenure shall be 24 or 36 months
  • At maturity, the Bank will automatically transfer the outstanding balance and the total interest from your Phemkha Sabai-Jai account to your linked CIMB savings or current account, under the same account name

Deposit Requirements*

  • Deposit amounts must be equal each month

  • The customer is allowed a maximum of two consecutive months in which a deposit is not made. The maturity date will be extended for each month in which there is no deposit made.

  • If the customer fails to make a deposit for more than 2 consecutive months, we will convert the interest rate of this account into a regular daily savings rate, which is applicable for 15% tax withholding.

  • If the customer makes an early withdrawal before maturity:

    - Within 3 months of account opening: No interest will be paid

    - 3 or more months after the account opening: Interest will be paid according to the announced savings rate, which will be calculated for the outstanding balance and the actual deposit period. This interest is applicable for 15% tax withholding.



Fact Sheet

Terms & Conditions

Conditions** for free personal accident insurance:


  • Protection period: The coverage starts from the account opening day, and is only applicable if the depositor’s age is 1 month to 65 years old.

  • Protection expiry: The coverage will expire when the account matures, when the depositor makes an early withdrawal before maturity, or when the depositor fails to make a deposit for more than 2 months.


* Terms and Conditions are subject to the Bank's announcement

** Terms and conditions of the complimentary Personal Insurance are subject to the Insurance Company

Terms of Insurance**


  • Protection period: Starting from the account opening date.

  • Eligibility for insurance protection is based mainly on the depositor’s age as at the account opening date, which ranges from 1 month to 65 years. Protection amount will be equal to the deposit amount upon maturity (monthly deposit amount x target deposit tenure), up to THB 600,000.

  • End of protection: Protection will no longer be valid upon deposit maturity, when the customer cancels the monthly deposit before maturity, or when the account is closed due to the absence of deposits for 3 months and above.

  • The information appearing in this document is intended for the purpose of introduction only, and is not considered an integral part of the insurance contract. Details of the coverage conditions, exceptions and benefits are as specified in the policy.

  • Insurance accepted by


  • The applicant should always study the details of the insurance coverage and conditions before deciding to buy the insurance policy.