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       CIMB Thai Bank is ranked No.1 in customer experience satisfaction scores. It continues to organize its “Pang Verr” project, which encourages employees to innovate, design, and improve work processes.


Ms. Uthaiwan Sukphanpim, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Management, CIMB Thai Bank, revealed that the Bank achieved the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85, up from 63 the previous year. This survey was conducted by Ipsos Co., Ltd., a reputable and widely accepted market research company.


According to the survey results, customers are most satisfied with the Bank's employees (People). They find the staff to be attentive, knowledgeable, and understanding of their inquiries. The employees are regarded as expert financial advisors, ready to provide advice, offer promotions, solve problems, and treat all customers equally with kindness. Customers also appreciate the Bank's products which are diverse, distinctive, and meet their needs, including the streamlined working processes that require less documentation and do not involve long waits.


The Customer Experience Management Team aims to provide CIMB Thai customers with an extra-mile experience, encouraging them to recommend the Bank's services to others. This dedication prompted the initiation of a survey project to listen to customers' voices and use their feedback for continuous improvement. In 2018, the Bank's NPS score was negative. Since then, the Bank has strived to make a difference by actively engaging with customers and implementing employee engagement activities. As a result, the NPS scores have consistently improved, positioning CIMB Thai as the No.1 bank among its peers in the market. Previously less satisfied detractor customers and moderately satisfied passive customers have become promoters, returning to use services and referring the brand to others. This achievement is a testament to the Bank's success as it celebrates our 15th anniversary.


Ms. Uthaiwan further explained that the Bank aims to maintain its standard as the No.1 Bank in Customers' Hearts. The internal initiative “Pang Ver” was launched, encouraging employees to brainstorm ideas and submit them in a contest. The goal is to further develop the service process and deliver excellent service via every touchpoint, including the application, branches, and Wealth Center. This aligns with CIMB Thai's values of being a customer-centric organization.