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CIMB THAI BANK provides you the online shopping experience.

From October to December 2022


Exclusive benefits for CIMB Thai Bank’s customers when making payment for purchasing of goods and services by a money transfer or QR code scanning via CIMB THAI Digital Banking Application according to the specified conditions and discount.



Terms and Condition for Campaign


  • All information and benefits of the Bank and the Company under this campaign shall be merely provided to customers making payment by a money transfer or QR code scanning through CIMB THAI Digital Banking.


  • Variety of discounts on goods and services are differently created by several merchants, including valid date and time to gain a discount in each period.


  • The Bank and the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred, whether directly or indirectly (including special damage) due to all participating merchants in the campaign in all cases.


  • The Bank and the Company’s conditions shall apply.


  • The Bank and the Company reserve the right to change or cancel the details and conditions of this campaign, whether in whole or in part, without prior notice. The Bank and the Company’s discretion shall be final.