• Easy Wealth Builder

This product is designed for long-term investor to accumulate value stocks with a minimum investment of only 5,000 baht per month. 
The product works on the theory of “Dollar-Cost-Averaging”(DCA) : an investment strategy that reduces the impact of volatility
by dividing the total sum to be invested in the market into equal amounts at regular intervals. This long-term investment could
build a value portfolio with a lower overall cost over time.


  • Investors should study product features, conditions on returns generation, and associated risks before investment.
  • Investment in structured debenture is complicated and carries high risk, which is different from investment in debentures in general. Even though investors have investment experience in other types of products, they should study risk profile and conditions specific to structured debenture, and also seek advice from investment advisors before each investment.
  • Investment in securities is not saving of money. It is not protected by the Deposit Protection Agency, and may risk getting repaid not in full principal amount. Investors should make investment only when being assured that such investment serves their investment objectives and the associated risks are acceptable to them.
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