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“Langsuan Community Fights Against Energy Crisis” Campaign


CIMB Thai Bank, in collaboration with Pathumwan District Office and Lumpini Police Station, launched the “Energy Saving Rally on Langsuan Road” campaign to raise awareness for energy saving among the buildings, stores and general public in the Langsuan Road area.  The campaign’s objective is to encourage the private sector and the community to prepare themselves in the fight against the energy crisis that will inevitably occur in the near future when the manufacturers in Yadana, Myanmar stop distributing natural gas to Thailand.  CIMB Thai Bank believes that although the community is only a small part of the world society, it can help sustain the energy together. Even within the organization, CIMB Thai Bank’s attempt to support the energy saving campaign never ceases. For example, all CIMB Thai employees are encouraged to continuously come up with new energy saving solutions. The selected plans shall be put into implementation and the owners of the ideas would be given a complimentary award.