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Project and foundation to provide support and development for disabled people


The Company provided disabled teachers with computers along with scholarships for knowledge and renovated both buildings and facilities in order to improve safety for disabled people. On the grand opening day, executives, media, staff members and volunteers, totaling 150 people, helped paint and clean the basketball field for a cleaner environment. The atmosphere was full of joy and smiles.


Account for donation: CIMB Thai Bank Pakkret Branch, Saving Account No. 093-2-09111-9, Account Name "Foundation for Support and Development of People with Disabilities”


Foundation for Support and Development of People with Disabilities, Nonthaburi
Address: Moo 6, Baan Bor Nam, Devarat Sub-district, Chaiyo District, Ang-Thong Province
Tel: 0 2962 3738, 0 2582 2898
Fax: 0 2582 2897