How to become a CIMB Preferred Member

CIMB THAI Bank is prompt to empower all CIMB Preferred members to enjoy freedom of living your preferred life through our exclusive privileges offered

Conditions for CIMB Preferred. (Must have one of the following qualifications)

1) Asset Under Management: AUM* of 3,000,000 baht or more.

2) Credit Under Management: CUM** from 5,000,000 baht or more

3) Life insurance/Non-life insurance purchased through CIMB Thai Bank from 500,000 baht or more.

Preferred benefits that transcend borders

Experience the freedom to live your life the way you want. 


With superior privileges for CIMB Preferred members, CIMB Thai Bank creates wealth plans that understands your goals. Enjoy many lifestyle and banking privileges with us.

Wealth solutions
  • Comprehensive Wealth Advisory & Research.
  • Personal relationship manager.
  • Open architecture mutual funds.
  • Onshore investment products.
  • Offshore investment products.
  • Digital Banking Solutions.
Regional privileges
  • Pre-Arrival Account Opening.
  • Regional Preferred recognition.
  • Free ATM withdrawal.
  • Regional account links.
  • Best FX & free remittance charge.
  • Airport lounge access*.
    (Premium Plaza Lounge)
  • Offshore wealth products.
  • HNWI insurance & wealth financing (Singapore).
  • MHC telemedicine in Singapore (If open CIMB SG account).
Preferred points program
  • Preferential Rate of Deposit & Mortgage.
  • Earn rewards (PCRR) on deposit & investment to redeem lifestyles privileges i.e. airport lounge, limousine, dining.
  • Safe Deposit Box privilege.
  • Birthday privilege.
  • Special discount on hotels and dining.
  • Monthly seminar or lifestyle events.

Important Notes

  • Applicable for Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia. Physical presence required for account opening in Thailand and Vietnam.
  • *CIMB preferred members must present Debit Card, ATM Card, Recognition Card to access Premium Plaza Lounge, eligible for card holder only and must have AUM more than THB 3 million. (The service is available until June 30, 2024.) Click here for more detail


How do I apply for CIMB Preferred Membership?

In order to qualify for CIMB Preferred membership, customers must meet certain criteria regarding assets under management (AUM) or credit under management (CUM) as per the Bank's regulations.


Further details can be found on the website . Should you have further inquiries can be made directly to CIMB Thai Bank at any branch or through the CIMB Preferred Care Center Tel. 02 626 7888, available daily. For locating nearby branches, please visit website

What are the conditions for obtaining CIMB Preferred membership?

To meet the eligibility criteria for CIMB Preferred membership, customer must fulfill any of the following conditions:

   -  Maintain assets under management (AUM)* with the Bank totaling THB 3,000,000 or more.

   -  Maintain credit under management (CUM)** with the Bank totaling THB 5,000,000 or more.

   -  Purchase life insurance/fire insurance policies through CIMB Thai Bank with a sum insured of THB 500,000 or more. 


   Important note:

    *Assets under management (AUM) encompass various products such as bank deposits, investments in mutual funds,    bonds, and investment products acquired through CIMB Thai Bank, as well as life insurance/fire insurance policies purchased through CIMB Thai Bank

    **Credit under management (CUM) includes secured loans i.e. Homeloan4U, Mortgage Power, and Property Loan products.

Into how many tiers is CIMB Preferred membership categorized? How many points are earned per month for each tier, and how many points are allocated for the Preferred Point Birthday Bonus that members earn in their birth month?

The Bank has established a membership status policy for CIMB Preferred members, which is categorized into three customer tiers. The details regarding the monthly points received and the bonus points awarded during the member's birth month as follows:-

Customer Tiers Requirement (AUM) Preferred Points per month Preferred point Birthday bonus
Private Wealth > THB 30 million 1,000 200 Points
Preferred Elite THB 10 - 29.99 million 300 200 Points
Preferred THB 3 - 9.99 million 100 200 Points



All CIMB Preferred members, irrespective of their tier, are entitled to our exclusive banking services. These services include special loan interest rates, free chequebooks, preferential transaction fees, waiver of annual deposit box rental fee, as well as access to special promotions and marketing campaigns offered by the Bank. Additionally, members can enjoy privileges tailored to their lifestyles through CIMB Preferred Rewards Program.

How does the Bank calculate CIMB Preferred membership status concerning joint deposit accounts, loan accounts, and/or mutual fund accounts?

The Bank will consider and calculate the AUM or CUM of the primary account holder only.

What special privileges associated with CIMB Preferred membership?

CIMB Preferred members can access additional details of special privileges through the myPreferred Application and the website.

How can I proceed to upgrade their CIMB Preferred membership tiers?

Membership status can be modified based on the monthly AUM or CUM, with the Bank referring to the value from end-of-month data from the previous month.

Through which channels can I receive/check my accumulated Preferred Points, and do these points have an expiration date?

CIMB Preferred members can receive and check their accumulated Preferred Points through the myPreferred Application. These points cannot be converted into cash or investment units and must be utilized within a specified timeframe.

Terms and Conditions for Eligibility to Use the Safe Deposit Box Service.

  • This benefit is exclusively available to CIMB Preferred members and is non-transferable.
  • To be eligible for the safe deposit box service, the members must present their CIMB Preferred membership card, debit card, or electronic membership card, along with the E-Coupon from myPreferred application (if applicable) and their identification card, to the Bank.
  • This benefit cannot be redeemed for a gift voucher. Members must access their entitlement right through myPreferred application only.
  • Members may avail themselves of a complimentary coupon through myPreferred application which grants a waiver of rental fee for safe deposit box service. This offer is valid only for the activation of new safe deposit box service, subject to availability at each branch, and cannot be applied as a discount or refund for fees already incurred and paid. (The availability of rights is limited.)
  • Members are eligible to receive their benefit, starting from 1 January 2024.
  • Once redeemed, the benefit cannot be altered or cancelled. The Bank reserves the right to provide the benefit under the specified terms and conditions only.
  • The benefit cannot be exchanged for cash, gifts, or any other benefits.
  • The safe deposit box rental service is available at the following branches: Lang Suan Road, Yaowarat, Mahanak, Paradise Park, Phuket, Khon Kaen, Songkhla, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Rayong, Nakhon Pathom, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Bang Khen, Nakhon Sawan, Nakhon Ratchasima, Phitsanulok, Kluai Nam Thai, Chiang Rai, and Bang Bon.
  • The Bank's terms and conditions shall apply. It reserves the right to alter these terms and benefits, which members can verify through myPreferred application and at In the event of dispute, the Bank's discretion shall be final.
  • For further information, please contact CIMB Preferred Care Center (24.00 hrs.), at Tel. 02 626 7888.