Benefits & Privileges

Competitive Interest Rate
Highly Flexible
Monthly Interest


Deposit interest rate calculated based on total account balance (Tier Rate)


Balance (Baht) Interest Rate (%p.a.)
≤ 2,000,000 0.80%
>2,000,000 - 3,000,000 1.60%
>3,000,000 - 500,000,000 0.50%
> 500,000,000 0.20%

As per the interest rate announcement No.14/2564, effective on 8 December 2021.

The interest rate may subject to change. The latest information is provided in the Bank’s deposit interest announcement or at, choose menu “Interest Rates”.


Term and Conditions


  • Account Opening Channels for Speed D Plus Savings by CIMB Thai (“Speed D+”)
  1. CIMB THAI Digital Banking Application, for individuals with Thai nationality only.(1)
  2. Branches, for Thai individuals ,and foreign customer.

(1)In case of Speed D+ account opening via CIMB THAI Digital Banking Application, the branch owner will be Langsuan Branch.

  • Customer must aged 15 years and above at the account opening date.
  • Customer must have a valid email address and apply for CIMB THAI Digital Banking Application to do financial transactions through the account.
  • A Customer can open only 1 account of Speed D+. The Bank will consider to change account type to Speed D Savings by CIMB Thai (“Speed D”) as per terms and conditions(2) indicated and specified by the Bank.

If the Speed D account is still active, customer will not allow to open another Speed D+ account.

(2)Please study and have a complete understanding of “Conditions to Maintain Speed D+ Account”.

  • Only single account is eligible for Speed D+ account opening. (No joint account is allowed).
  • Speed D+ account and Speed D account is a no passbook saving. The Bank will send monthly e-statement to the email provided on the account opening date.
  • Speed D account is an account using for product changing for case  that the customer cannot maintain financial status as per terms and conditions prescribed. Therefore, customer will not be able to request for Speed D account opening at any point in time.
  • The debit card will not be issued for Speed D+ or Speed D account.


Importance: Please study the below information before the account opening.


“Conditions to Maintain Speed D+ Account”

Being CIMB Preferred member and has Wealth Under Management or WUM (as the details in Remarks no. 2. below) from THB 1 million and above within 6th month from the date of opening Speed D+ account. And maintain (or increase) WUM throughout the period you want to keeping your Speed ​​D+ account.


“The Bank will consider changing from Speed D+ account to Speed D account”

In the 6th month from the date of opening Speed D+ account, customer who did not maintain (or increase) WUM as per the conditions prescribed, the Bank will consider changing the account type from the 15th day of the 7th month from the date of opening Speed D+ account. And

After the 7th month from the date of opening Speed D+ account, and the Bank found that customer’s WUM are not in met the conditions set out or maintain WUM THB 1 million at month end for less than 6 months, the Bank will consider changing the account type on 15th of the next January.


However, from the 7th month after the account opening date onwards and your deposit account type has been changed to “Speed ​​D” account and you can maintain WUM as per conditions, the bank will consider change your account type to “Speed ​​D+” account according to the month that you can maintain the WUM.




1. For more information of the Bank’s current deposit interest rate, please visit or contact any CIMB Thai Bank branch or CIMB Thai Care Center Tel. 02-626-7777.

2. Details of calculating Wealth Under Management (WUM)


Product Calculation Conditions
1. Mutual fund Derived from NAV. at month end.
2. Primary bond

Derived from investment balance at month end via following channels.

1. Branch or RM in charge and use of custodian service provided by the Bank.

2. CIMB THAI Digital Banking Application or telebanking system.

3. Secondary Bond Derived from investment balance at month end, excluding the amount of the bonds duly redeemed.
4. Life insurance, non-life insurance and unit-linked products Derived from premium payment at month end.
5. Structured debenture Derived from investment balance at month end.
6. Other investment products with special condition as stipulated by the Bank i.e. Perpetual Bond Derived from investment balance at month end.


3. The Bank may change the terms and conditions which can be checked at In case of dispute, the Bank's decision shall be final.

4. The Bank will notify the change of Speed ​​D+ account type before and after the change according to the Bank's practice via E-mail address notified to the Bank or Notification in the CIMB THAI Digital Banking Application and/or myPreferred Application (for CIMB Preferred Member only), whereby the Customer must select turn the Notification on in their application settings or any other channels as specified by the Bank.