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Wealth Credit Line

Wealth Credit Line is an re-investment service that can be used as collateral asset for investment in CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited (as an issuer or a distributor) products. By using financial assets as collateral, the credit line can be withdrawn through the Relationship Manager (RM).

Characteristics of the WCL limit

Type of credit Revolving credit

Maximum credit limit per person

1-50 million baht

Credit drawdown period

*According invested period, but not longer than 1 year

Credit line review: Yearly

Loan payment

Principal - full amount upon maturity or as specified in the contract.

Interest – monthly, on every the 1st date when the drawdown occurs    


Interest rate calculation 

Normal interest = total amount (amount of drawdown or outstanding balance after deducting payments)  x interest rate x days/365 days (calendar year)

Customer Qualifications

Nationality Individuals of Thai nationality


21-75 years old
AUM 3 million baht and above


  • In the event that the repayment does not meet the conditions specified by The Bank (late payment or not on the specified date), The Bank will increase interest rate from the actual rate stated in the contract, but not more than 3% per annum for all credit lines, starting from the due date in that period until the repayment is made in accordance with the conditions specified by The Bank . The Bank will then adjust interest rate to the standard rate for that credit line. Interests, fines, service charges, late fines or any fees when calculated together, will be not more than maximum interest rate according to the required law and The Bank may be required to terminate the contract and take further legal action.
  • The Bank reserves the right to close your investment account. The Bank must close the credit line, while customer has to pay the remaining balance to close the loan account.
  • Right to set-off : Financial institution has the right to deduct money from customer’s savings account to settle the customer’s outstanding debts with financial institution.
  • Financial institution may need to terminate the contract and take further legal action.
  • The Bank will use the received payment to write off the debt. By deducting all fees, interests and outstanding principal.

Product risk

  • The interest rate of Wealth Credit Line is a floating interest rate and subject to change according to The Bank's announcement. In case that customer has a late payment or does not meet with The Bank's requirements, The bank may adjust the interest rate to the highest rate.
  • The Bank calculates the value of collateral asset to reflect the daily fair market price (Mark to Market). The customer must bring cash to pay the difference or place other financial assets as additional collateral within the period specified by The Bank.


For more information please visit www.cimbthai.com or ask our staffs at any branch of The Bank, or contact CIMB Thai Care Center Tel. 02 626 7777.