Benefits & Privileges


CIMB Thai’s bond subscription process 


1. “ Open investment portfolio”

    Contact any CIMB Thai branch or relationship manager taking care of your account to “open


2. Exchange Thai Baht for the foreign currency to be used for investment


3. Give subscription instruction on the bond to be invested.


Investment in offshore or foreign currency securities carries risks in relation to economic, political and financial stability

and changes as well as material legal and regulatory differences from those of Thailand and foreign exchange fluctuations.

Such risks may result in investment loss, in whole or in part, or getting interest payment/redemption amount within the specified period.


The abovementioned investment is not bank deposit and carries investment risk. Investment value may increase or decrease from the amount invested

and redemption amount may not be received within the specified period or redemption may not be made as instructed.

Investors should do the subscription/redemption transactions with parties approved by the Office of the SEC. They should also study

and understand the features of the products (securities), return conditions, relevant risks, and any transfer restrictions (if any) before making investment decision.