Let Children Colour Their Dreams Computer Center and Sunchoke agriculture plots at Baan Pong Dang Nam Cha Samakkhi School, Nakhon Ratchasrima province

On 18 August 2018, CIMB Thai join hands with our allies there are Media Associated Co.,Ltd., Kingsmen C.M.T.I., Channel 3 News family to contribute computer center and library on occasion of Money Expo KORAT 2018. And we select Baan Pong Dang Nam Cha Samakkhi School to be the 8th school of Let Children Colour their dreams project in Nakhon Ratchasima. Besides the computer center and library we also develop area and water system for planting a Sunchoke in order to produce an OTOP product from students.


On the same day, CIMB Thai also arrange CSR activities, normally CIMB Thai will organize both an acceptance ceremony in the morning and financial literacy lecture in the afternoon, but this time we add a field trip to support students’ outside classroom learning and gaining their experiences by visiting dairy farm in their community.