Benefits & Privileges

High Interest
Initial deposit

Service Conditions

1. Saving account for juristic persons and non-profit organizations domiciled in Thailand of which have annual sales revenue of no more

than THB 3,000 million and do not have loan facilities with CIMB Thai.

2. No minimum initial deposit amount.

3. Interest is paid semi-annually in June and December with deduction of withholding tax according to criteria of Revenue Department.

4. Limited to one account per one customer.

5. The interest is calculated based on the tiers of account balance at the end of the day.  The interest rate is disclosed in the bank's announcement, 

and interest payout is subject to withholding tax as specified by the Revenue Department. The calculation is as follow: -

Interest at the end of day = (deposit balance at end of each day x interest rate announced at that time)                                                                                                                                                                                       365 or 366 days                        

6. Other terms and conditions are similar to those of a normal savings account.


Interest Rates

Deposit Amout

Interest Rate


New Clients
Bonus Total bonus interest rate (p.a)

Balance less than THB 5,000,000




Balance from THB 5,000,000 to THB 45,000,000




Balance more than THB 45,000,000




Remark: Refer to Deposit announcement as of 1st July 2024 

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