Features & Benefits

Manage Cash Easily
Tier-Based Interest
Initial Deposit

Eligibility & Requirements

Companies or Juristic Persons 

       1. Certified true copy of Company’s Certificate of Incorporation

       2. Certified true copy of latest certificate of shareholders List.

       3. Certified true copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association.

       4. Official Company Search Report issued by the registry in the place of incorporation dated no more than 6 months 

           or a Certificate of Incumbency or equivalent issued by the company’s registered agent in the place of incorporation dated no more than 6 months

       5. Minutes of the meeting resolving for opening of deposit account with a clause defining authorized person’s payment authority and conditions.

       6. Power of Attorney authorizing person(s) to act on behalf of the juristic person (If any)

       7. Certified true copy of registration of company establishment or registration of amendment and/or special resolution.

       8. Certified true copy of Identification Card, Official ID Card, Non-Resident Card, and/or Passport of the following


•Shareholders holding more than 25% of company shares

•Authorized directors

•Authorized person(s) to sign ordering payment from the account

•Authorized person(s) to make transaction on behalf of the juristic person

•Senior management

•Ultimate beneficiary (if any)

       9. Certified true copy of Ownership Chart or comparable documents

     10. Certified true copy of certificate of tax registration of the company (If any)

     11. Document evidencing commitments (if any) (All documents shall be certified true copy by director(s))


For Companies of Juristic persons Registered Abroad

All company documents (every page) must be verified by a Notary Public and attested by the Royal Thai Embassy or

Consulate in the country where the company is registered. Where available, original documents may also be submitted


For more details and information, please contact TB Hotline 02 626 7771

on Business day during 8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. or email : tbhotline@cimbthai.com