What is the Corporate PromptPay Service?

  • The new money transfer service for the juristic person registered with Department of Business Development (DBD) by registering the 13-digit Juristic Identification Number to link the bank account to PromptPay account.
  • The money transfer is conveniently made by using 13-digit Juristic Identification Number registered and linked to PromptPay Account instead of the Bank’s savings account.
  • The company is eligible to link 13-digit Juristic Identification Number to one savings account or current account of only one bank.


The Application Process for Corporate PromptPay

Step 2

Prepare documents for application

Step 3

 Documents are able to be submitted to the Bank via 2 channels.

  •  All CIMB Thai bank branches
  • Cash Management Sales / Relationship Manager in charge of your company
Step 4

Wait for SMS to notify the application result via the mobile phone provided in the form of application/change for PromptPay service

For more information, please contact Transaction Banking Hotline 02 626 7771, CIMB THAI Bank