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Please read the agreement on the part of service and privacy policy before using the service. The following disclaimer serves as agreement between you ("the user") and CIMB THAI BANK ("The bank") through this particular web site with "the user" accepting legal attachment according to the following terms and conditions. The user can stop using the service of this web site if there is any disagreement to the terms and conditions.

Privacy policy

  1. The bank realizes the individual rights as well as privacy of information on the part of the user by trying to provide utmost security through this channel of transaction. Therefore, any information provided to the bank will be strictly kept and processed for optimum security purposes, preventing those with dishonest intentions from getting hold of this valuable information.

Security system and keeping information secret

  1. The bank will collect necessary information for the user depending on the type of service demanded. The bank will use such information with utmost carefulness in accordance with the type and procedures involved in processing a service for the benefit of the user, taking into strict consideration the individual rights.
  2. The bank will deploy a statistical system to tally the number of web site visitors and or the number of service users using the "cookie" method. The bank and user will exchange information to web browser via cookie with random references for the purpose of making count of the visitors only.
  3. The bank will deploy an internationally accepted standard of security system in providing services and keeping information to create confidence on the part of the user. However, the user must be familiar with his responsibility involving the user ID, password and other secret codes, which should be kept as secret.
  4. The bank will reserve the rights in making adjustment and amendment to the privacy policy and shall use this channel to make public of such amendment in the present and future without making conflict to the laws and regulations.
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