Members of CIMB Preferred investing in February 2024 will receive double Preferred points* under special benefits. Points will be earned from investments, subject to a maximum condition of 5,000 points

from February 1 to February 29 2024.

  • The benefits are eligible for CIMB Preferred members when investing in the secondary bond, all-type mutual funds with Front-End Fee or Switching-In Fee starting from 1 % and more, derivatives and other investment products with special conditions as stipulated by the Bank (except the primary bond and bancassurance product). Every investment amount of THB 100,000 will gain 50 Preferred
  • For more details, please visit, contact your RM, or call 02 626 7888 every day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


**Terms and conditions apply as specified by the bank.