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Latest Promotions

Chill Investor, Stay safe, Stay home and invest with us

when investing in debenture or mutual fund in every amount of THB 100,000 with CIMB Thai Chill D savings account 


Terms and conditions of promotion

Receive 7-Eleven M-Coupon worth THB 100 when investing in debenture or mutual fund in every amount of THB 100,000 with CIMB Thai Chill D savings account through CIMB Thai Digital Banking Application throughout the period during 1 June – 31 July 2021.

1. Only customer who invests in debenture or mutual fund in every amount of THB 100,000 by debiting CIMB Thai Chill D savings account through CIMB Thai Digital Banking App. throughout the period during 1 June – 31 July 2021.

2. Customer is able to invest in all type-mutual funds with Front-End Fee or Switching-In Fee up from 1 % and more.

3. Total investment amount for this benefit is limited to not exceeding THB 200,000 per month throughout promotional campaign. Only investment amount in debenture and mutual fund totaling THB 100,000 and more per month will be counted. The amount exceeding THB 200,000 is unable to accumulate as investment amount of the following month.

4. Customer will receive two 7-Eleven M-Coupons, each of which is worth THB 50, for every investment of THB 100,000 per one product.  Maximum four coupons / customer / product/month.

5. One customer is entitled for maximum of 8 coupons /month as details in below table:


Investment value in debenture Number of 7-Eleven M-Coupon worth THB 50 received
THB 100,000  2 Coupon
THB 200,000  4 Coupon
Investment value in mutual fund Number of 7-Eleven M-Coupon worth THB 50 received
THB 100,000 2 Coupon
THB 200,000 4 Coupon


6. Customer who meets the above condition has to register via Line @cimbthai at the menu “registration for benefit and coupon” to receive 7-Eleven M-Coupon from the menu “benefit from joining the Bank’s activities”. The 7-Eleven M-Coupon will be received within 14 business days from the last day of each calendar month. The coupon can be used for buying goods, foods and beverages at all 7-Eleven branches nationwide. If Customer does not make registration before, the receipt of M-Coupon is deemed a waiver of right.

7.  The coupon cannot be exchanged for, transferred or changed to cash in all cases.

8.  When including other promotional privileges of the Bank, total privilege value must not exceed 0.2% of minimum investment value of each customer.   

9. The Bank is not related to any goods and services of the participating merchants. In case of inconvenience from such goods and services, please contact the respective merchants directly.

10. The Bank will collect, use, and disclose the customer personal data to be in accordance with Privacy Notice of the Bank.

11. Terms and conditions of the Bank shall apply. The Bank may change the terms and conditions, period and benefits of the campaign before the end of the campaign with notice to customers through any of the Bank’s public relations channels. Use of services shall be subject to terms and conditions of the respective merchants.

12. In case of any objection or dispute, the Bank’s and the goods/service provider’s decision shall be final.

13. For additional information and enquiries, please contact CIMBT Care Center Tel. 02 626 7777, every day, 08:00-19:00 hrs.



Conditions of use of 7-Eleven M-Coupon


  1. 7-Eleven M-Coupon must be presented to the cashier before making payment.
  2. 7-Eleven M-Coupon can be used at participating 7-Eleven shops (except Mo Chit 2 point 1, Mo Chit 2 Booth point 2, Mo Chit 2 point 3, Mo Chit 2 point 4, Mo Chit 2 point 5, Major Rangsit, Customs parking building P-2, Lipe Island, Arrival Building of Suvarbabhumi International Airport, Airport Link, parking building zone 3 of Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Don Mueang International Airport, Don Mueang International Airport point 2, Booth in Don Mueang International Airport, gate 8, Phuket International Airport point 1, Phuket International Airport point 2, Lipe walking street, Thai Airways International Club Shop, Phuket International Airport, Major Rangsit point 2, Future Park Rangsit, Don Mueang Airport building 1 gate 1, Future Park Rangsit point 2, Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodindra Hospital, Happy and Healthy Bike Lane (Sky Lane), Don Mueang International Airport Building 1 floor 1 gate 8, Hat Yai Airport, U-Taphao Airport (PTTOR Plc.) and Phuket International Airport.
  3. 7-Eleven M-Coupon 7-Eleven can be spent for goods in place of cash at 7-Eleven shops (excluding liquor, beer, cigarette, playing cards, milk powder for new-borns to infants aged 1, herbal tea, 1-kg white sugar, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, cosmeceuticals, medical devices, phone cards of all types, top-up slips, online top-ups of all sorts, A-Cash card, Ran game card, game slips, program and internet slips of all kinds, mobile phones, tablets, server box of all types, electronics goods, TEN TEN goods, TG59, TEN TEN, TG59, Holen, Kokubu, Morningkiss, Mo Nantita, Thai herbal Aroma, top-up Smart Purse, True packages of all types, postal stamps, air tickets, charity goods, premium items of all types, 24-Catalog goods).
  4.  7-Eleven M-Coupon can be used in place of cash to pay for goods in the total value equal to or more than that indicated on the coupon.
  5. 7-Eleven M-Coupon can be scanned only once per receipt.
  6. 7-Eleven M-Coupon use period: 1 June 2021 – 15 August 2021



  •  Investor should study and understand features of debenture or mutual fund, conditions, returns, and risks before making investment decision.
  • The investment in debenture and investment units is not a deposit of money and has no protection from the Deposit Protection Agency. Thus, investor may involve an investment risk that they may not fully receive the return of investment from the initial amount invested.
  •  Investing in mutual fund may involve exchange rate risk.  Investor may gain on or encounter loss from exchange rate or gain the return less the initial investment.
  •  Mutual fund may invest in derivatives in order to generate potential return which carries higher risk than other mutual funds. It thus may not suit investors who wish to maintain the principal in full.
  •  Mutual fund may have investment concentration in issuers, real estate sector, or countries. In case of any negative factors which adversely affect the investment, investors may lose a huge amount of investment.
  • Please study the product characteristics of debenture and mutual fund especially investment policy, risk, and fund performance. Prospectus can be obtained at any CIMB Thai Bank branch or contact your Relationship Manager. For more information, please contact CIMBT Care Center Tel. 02 626 7777, every day, 08:00-19:00 hrs.