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Features & Benefits

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Coverage Term
Policy Benefits
Product Condition

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Insurable age: 1 month and 1 day – 65 years old.
  • The company has the right to require a medical examination of the insured.
  • Health declaration is one of the factors for the underwriting process and the consideration of benefit payment.
  • Health declaration is an important part of insurance underwriting. You must answer every question fully and honestly. We may refuse to insure you or reject your claims if there are any false statements or concealment of the truth.

Additional Features

Full freedom

  • Allocate your insurance premiums towards protection and investment as needed.

  • Enjoy life coverage up to 50 times the regular premium, based on the age of the policyholder.

  • Design your investment portfolios and switch funds whenever you want without charge.


Full flexibility

  • Adjust your life insurance coverage to match your current goals.

  • Create investment opportunities by enhancing your investment through premium top-ups.

  • Take a premium holiday or withdraw money when you need to.


Full worthwhile benefits

  • Get a special bonus of 2% of the total paid regular premium from the end of the 5th policy year.

  • Guaranteed life cover for the first 15 years at 5 times the annual regular premium.

  • At the end of the tenure, upon maturity, you can renew the policy for an additional 15 years until you reach the age of 99.


*Conditions and charges are subject to the insurance policy.

Important Facts You Need to Know

This is a life insurance product

It is not a bank deposit, a set of mutual funds with free insurance cover, nor an insurance cover with free mutual funds.


The sum insured can affect the cost of insurance

A higher sum insured will lead to a higher cost of insurance, and the cost will increase as you grow older.


This policy has a fixed premium, but the monthly policy fee is not fixed

Some charges will vary based on the insured person’s age and a mutual fund’s return. For more details of charges and expenses, please refer to your policy details.


You can make withdrawals at any time

You will have to pay a withdrawal charge if you withdraw cash value from your policy or surrender your policy during the first five policy years. For more details, please refer to the Fees and Expense Charges Table in your Policy Book.


The policy charge is deducted from your investment units every month

We deduct your policy charges from your premiums and units. If the value of your policy is not enough to cover all the ongoing fees and charges, including the insurance charges, we will terminate your policy. In order to make sure that your policy stays active, it is important for you to invest or top up your premium.


Partial tax deduction

Your policy expenses, including your premium charge, cost of insurance and account management charge, are tax deductible. However, your investments are not eligible for tax deduction.


Non-guaranteed returns

Returns are not guaranteed for investments in mutual funds.

General Advice Warning and Disclaimer

  1. This life insurance product is a long-term commitment to paying regular premiums. Please assess your financial readiness before deciding to buy an insurance product.

  2. Make sure that you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of both the life insurance coverage and the investment components before deciding to buy an insurance product.

  3. Even if it seems complicated, you need to study the proposal and try to understand it, and also consult your seller to clarify any issues you do not understand.

  4. Please fill out the application form completely, truthfully and clearly. You should check the details on the application form and make sure they are correct before signing the form.

  5. Always ask for a proof of payment from your seller for each transaction. Make sure to check the validity of the proof of payment and check if it is from an insurance company.

  6. After buying a policy, you may receive calls from an insurance company, so please be prepared to do a life insurance phone interview.

  7. Follow up and pay attention to the documents you receive from your life insurance company in order to take full advantage of your insurance benefits.


Note: CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited is a life insurance broker, and provides services and has responsibility for action as a life insurance broker only. This insurance product is assured by FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited. If you have any questions or concerns about life insurance, please do not hesitate to contact FWD Customer Care at 1351.


Warning: The applicant should read, study, and understand the proposal before deciding to buy an insurance product. Once you receive the policy contract, please read the terms and conditions thoroughly.