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Features & Benefits

Unit Linked Your Choice Coverage of Your Choice Your Choice Flexibility Criteria of Your Choice
Unit Linked Your Choice
Coverage of Your Choice
Your Choice Flexibility
Criteria of Your Choice

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Insured age: 1 month and 1 day – 70 years old.
  • The company has the right to require a medical examination of the insured.
  • Health declaration is one of the factors for the underwriting process and consideration of benefit payment.
  • Health declaration is important for the underwriting process. All questions must be answered truthfully. Any concealment or misrepresentation of the truth may result in the insurance company refusing to cover or deny your claim.

Additional Features

  • Get a life cover coupled with investments for the opportunity to earn good returns.

  • Design your own investment portfolio with variety of selected funds managed by investment experts.

  • Fund switch as many time as you like to suit your changing lifestyle.

  • Premium holiday or partial withdrawal are allowed when necessary*.

  • Expenses for premium charge, cost of insurance and account management charge can be tax deductible**.


* Conditions and charges are subject to insurance policy

** Tax incentives are subject to criteria set by the Revenue Department

Important facts you need to know

1. This is a life insurance product. It is not a bank deposits, or mutual funds with free insurance cover, or an insurance cover with free mutual funds.


2. The sum assured can affect the cost of insurance.

The higher sum assured leads to an increase in the cost of insurance you pay, and it will be higher as you grow older.


3. Fixed premium but charges and expenses are not a fixed amount.

Cost of insurance will vary based on the insured’s age and account management charge will vary based on mutual fund’s returns. For more details of charges and expenses, please take a look in your policy.


4. Making withdrawals at any time

If you withdraw cash value from a policy or surrender your policy during the first two policy years, you have to pay an early encashment charge. This charge is highest for withdrawals in the first two years.


5. Policy charges is deducted from the units of your investment account every month.

Policy Charges will be deducted from the premiums and units. And if the value of your policy becomes insufficient to cover all the ongoing charges, your policy will be terminated. Therefore, as an insured, it is beneficial for you to study and stay invested for the entire term, or you need to top-up premium so that your policy will remain in force.


6. Partial tax deduction.

All expenses incurred, including premium charge, cost of insurance and account management charge are tax deductible, while investments are not eligible for a tax deduction.


7. Non-guaranteed returns.

Investments in mutual funds are not guaranteed the returns. The numbers shown in benefits table just for the purpose of understanding.

General Advice Warning and Disclaimer

1. Before deciding to buy an insurance policy, you should comprehensively study and understand the proposal, the level of risk in a mutual fund, fees, charges, dividend policy, including terms and conditions as described in the prospectus.


2. Investment contains risk. You may receive the amount of return either more or less than the initial premiums allocated to mutual funds. These returns depend upon the performance of the fund. Therefore, you might see gains or losses in your investment, compared to the amount initially invested.


3. Mutual funds are legal entities that are separate from the life insurance company and the asset management company.


4. The past performance of a mutual fund is not an indicator of future performance.


5. Because this life insurance product is a long-term commitment of paying regular premiums, so please assess your financial readiness before deciding to buy an insurance.


6. Make certain that you thoroughly understand terms and conditions of both life insurance coverage and investment components before deciding to buy an insurance


7. Even if it seems complicated, you need to study the proposal and try to understand it, also please consult your agent or your insurance company representative to clarify any issues you do not understand.


8. Please fill out the application form truthfully, completely and clearly. And you should check the correctness of the details on the application form before signing.


9. Always ask for a proof of payment from your agent or seller for each transaction. And be sure to check the validity of the proof of payment and check if it’s from an insurance company.


10. After buying a policy, you may receive calls from an insurance company, therefore please pay attention to conducting the life insurance phone interview.


11. Follow up and pay attention to the documents received from life insurance company in order to take full advantage of your insurance benefits.


12. The offshore mutual funds contain the risks of currency exchange rates. Although funds may have risk prevention according to the discretion of the fund manager. But they have no currency risk protection policy, therefore investors may experience currency losses or profits, or receive a return less than their initial investment.


CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited is a life insurance broker, provides services and have responsibility for an action as a life insurance broker only. This insurance product is assured by FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited. If you have any questions or concerns about life insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact FWD Customer Care 1351.

Warning: The applicant should study, read and understand the proposal before deciding to buy an insurance. Once receiving the policy contract, please read terms and conditions thoroughly.