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Benefits & Privileges

Cash Benefit Long Term Coverage Additional Benefits
Cash Benefit
Long Term Coverage
Additional Benefits

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Issued age: 1 month  – 70 years old
  • Health check-up is in accordance with the conditions of the company
  • Health declaration is important  factors for underwriting consideration
  • Health declaration is an important part of insurance consideration. All questions must be answered truthfully. Making any false statements or concealing any facts may cause the company Disclaimer and can refuse compensation


Key Features

  • Coverage term until age 90 years
  • Flexible sum assured from minimum of 8 times of regular premium (insured age not over 49 years)
  • Guaranteed minimum 4% rate of return of account value for regular premium in first year
  • Earn higher returns according to the return on the company’s investment portfolio
  • Get life protection together with straightforward and transparent investment scheme.
  • Partial withdrawal of the money without having to surrender the policy


Premium Payment Method

  • Premium is payable by annually / semi-annually / quarterly and monthly (pay 2 months in advance).
  • First year premium is payable via cash, cheque, credit card (Visa, Master Card, JCB).
  • Renewal year premium is payable via cash, cheque, credit card (Visa, Master Card, JCB) and direct debit.
  • For direct debit, the account details and bank are collected upfront in the proposal form.


Tax Benefits

Life insurance premium is eligible for tax-deductible for actual amount paid maximum 100,000 baht per year. (According to the revenue department director's announcement No. 172)

Benefit and Coverage


In the case of death,

Sum Assured + Account Value


Survival Coverage

Account Value (AV)


Guaranteed Return

*after deduct expense (Premium Allocation Charge, COI and Policy Fee

Loyalty Bonus for Regular Premium

Bonus 2% of Regular premium per year after paying premiums for 10 years continuously, such amount will be contributed to the accumulated account from the Regular premium.

The special bonus is not paid as the following rights are exercised;

  1. Premium Holiday
  2. Partial withdrawal
  3. Reinstate


Insurance details

  • Coverage Term : until age 90 years
  • Coverage Premium : until age 90 years
  • Premium :
  • Sum Assured (Calculated from regular premium) : (Whichever is higher)


1. *Professions as follows: laborer, farmer, taxi driver, house worker, mechanic, inmate, waitress, butler, housewife, general contractor fishing, Factory worker, unemployed, Woman and Male special career occupation , Unspecified occupation and other occupation,  Males can buy not more than 45 times the RP premium and females can buy not more than 60 times the RP premium

2. Students, children under school age In the case of requesting an insured amount of more than 1 million, the parents must have insurance of not less than the insured.

Regular Fee

Miscellaneous Fee

Example of Cost of Insurance (COI)

In the case of male insured, premium payment annually 1,000,000 baht, sum assured 8,000,000 baht.


Exercise of account Value


  • Policy surrender
  • Policy Withdrawal
  • Premium Holiday


Policy Surrender


When the policy has a policy surrender value and the insured is still alive, the insured has the right to cancel this policy by submitting a written request for the policy surrender. Which will receive the surrender value of the policy and the insurance cost according to the number of days that have not yet been covered (if any) and cause this policy to expire      In requesting policy surrender, the company will sell the investment units at the redemption price as of the day following the date that the Company Received a letter of intent and approval or the first appraisal date with the redemption price according to the terms and conditions specified in the prospectus of each fund. However, if the redemption date is a holiday of any fund. The Company will sell the investment units of that fund on the next business day that the transaction can be made schedule which may be changed later

If there are any debts outstanding under this policy the amount of such liability will be deducted from the amount received. More details for surrender process please contact the company.


Partial withdrawal

  • In case of the insured would like to partial withdrawal, the minimum of withdrawal at 2,000 Baht and Remaining Account Value at least 8,000 Baht (No interest), please contact the company for this process.


Policy Loans

  1. Maximum 70% of Account Value (after deduct expense (Premium Allocation Charge, COI and Policy Fee))
  2. Minimum policy loan 2,000 baht and Remaining Account Value at least 8,000 Baht in the policy
  3. Interest Rate (PIR**) +2% of return rate, However, conditions are as specified by the company

**PIR = Portfolio Interest Rate


Premium Holiday

After 2nd year payment (Annually) and still have account value remaining in the policy



  • The information herein is only partial that is intended for the sales purposes only and not considered an integral part of the insurance contract. Insured are advised to study and understand the policy for their own benefit.
  • Insured should understand the details pertaining to coverage and conditions prior to committing to any insurance plan.
  • This product is a life insurance not a deposit. Insured should pay the insurance premium until the completion of the insurance premium payment period and hold it until maturity in order to gain the maximum benefit. In case of the coverage ends prematurely, insured may not reacquire the principal in its entirety or at all.
  • CIMB Thai Bank Plc. is only an insurance broker that recommending the channel for the insurance and receives an insurance premium under the name of Thai Life Insurance Plc. only, If you have any query about Life insurance, please contact Thai Life Insurance Plc. Tel. 0 2247 0247
  • Contact : All branches of CIMB Thai Bank Plc., CIMB Thai Care Center 0 2626 7777, CIMB Thai websit
  • Life insurance is provided by Thai Life Insurance Plc. The bank is merely the broker that recommending the channel for the insurance.