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Benefits & Privileges

Cash Benefit Long Term Coverage Additional Benefits
Cash Benefit
Long Term Coverage
Additional Benefits

Eligibility & Requirements


  •  Issued age: 1 month  – 75 years old


Premium Payment Method


  • Single Premium
  • Single premium  with Cash and cheque


Key Features


  • 10 years of coverage term with only Single Premium payment term
  • Maximum coverage at 130% of the single premium deducted by accumulated withdrawal (if any)
  • Minimum Guaranteed every year at 1% of Account Value
  • Life coverage with investment insurance
  • Earn higher returns according to the return on the company’s investment portfolio
  • Some fund can be withdrawn without policy surrendered
  • No Health Declaration Form and Health Check-up


Tax Benefits


Life insurance premium is eligible for tax-deductible for actual amount paid maximum 100,000 baht per year. (According to the revenue department director's announcement No. 172)


Benefit and Coverage


In the case of death, company will pay a maximum value based on the following:

1. 130% of Single Premium – accumulated withdrawal (if any) or

2. Account Value + 30% of Single Premium

(Whichever is higher)


Survival Coverage

Paid according to Account Value


Guaranteed Return


Minimum Guaranteed return every year at 1% of  Account Value 


Underwriting Conditions


  • Minimum of Single Premium : 50,000 baht
  • Maximum Premium : 10 MB baht (Depend on underwriting conditions of Thai Life Insurance Plc.)(Count every active Universal Life product (GIO) policy and premium in every Thai Life channel)
  • Sum assured : 130% of Single Premium
  • Coverage term 10 years
  • No Health Declaration Form and Health Check-up


Regular Fee

Detail Rate
Premium Charge 4% of Single Premium
Cost of Insurance (COI) Depend on age, gender, sum assurance
Policy Fee

Minimum 25 baht  per month up to 110 baht  per month

(Current rate is 25 baht per  month)This rate is subject to change based on Consumer Price Index

Miscellaneous Fee

Detail Rate

Withdrawal or Surrender Charge for annual Payment

(% of surrendered amount)

Y1 : 4%

Y2 : 3%

Y3 : 2%

Y4 : 1%

Y5 onward : None

Withdrawal will be decrease Sum assurance and unable to increase premium.

Statement Fee Free of Charge 1 time per month , 50 baht  up to 100 baht for the 2nd time onward

Exercise of account Value


  • Policy surrender
  • Policy Withdrawal



Policy Surrender


In case the insured would like to policy surrender to the company, the surrender value equal to the insured policy account value minus the cost of withdrawing the insurance policy account value as specified in the policy expenses table combined with the insurance for the number of days that have not yet provided coverage (if any) and will cause this insurance policy to be effective. If there are any liabilities outstanding under this insurance policy, the amount will be deducted from the policy surrender value. Please contact the company for this process


Partial withdrawal (Minimum)


  •  In case of the insured would like to partial withdrawal, the minimum of withdrawal at 2,000 Baht and Remaining Account Value at least 8,000 Baht (No interest), please contact the company for this process


Policy Loans


1.    Maximum policy loan amount of 70% of Account Value (after deduct expense (Premium Allocation Charge, COI and Policy Fee))

2.    Minimum policy loan amount of 2,000 baht and Remaining Account Value at least 8,000 Baht in the policy

3.    Interest Rate +2% of return rate, However, conditions are as specified by the company




  • The information herein is only partial that is intended for the sales purposes only and not considered an integral part of the insurance contract. Insured are advised to study and understand the policy for their own benefit.
  • Insured should understand the details pertaining to coverage and conditions prior to committing to any insurance plan.
  • This product is a life insurance not a deposit. Insured should pay the insurance premium until the completion of the insurance premium payment period and hold it until maturity in order to gain the maximum benefit. In case of the coverage ends prematurely, insured may not reacquire the principal in its entirety or at all.
  • CIMB Thai Bank Plc. is only an insurance broker that recommending the channel for the insurance and receives an insurance premium under the name of Thai Life Insurance Plc. only, If you have any query about Life insurance, please contact Thai Life Insurance Plc. Tel. 0 2247 0247
  • Contact : All branches of CIMB Thai Bank Plc., CIMB Thai Care Center 0 2626 7777, CIMB Thai website
  • Life insurance is provided by Thai Life Insurance Plc. The bank is merely the broker that recommending the channel for the insurance.