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Benefits & Privileges

Cash Benefit Long Term Coverage Additional Benefits
Cash Benefit
Long Term Coverage
Additional Benefits

Key Features

  • 99 years of coverage term
  • Single premium start at 100,000 baht and maximum 30 MB
  • Manage your own portfolio by choosing to invest from variety mutual fund managed by experts
  • Free Accidental Death Benefit*
  • No health declaration form and health check-up

* According to the coverage conditions specified in the policy book

Tax Benefits

Life insurance premium is eligible for tax-deductible for actual amount paid but not exceeding 100,000 baht per year. (According to the revenue department director's announcement No.172)

(Only COI, Premium Allocation Charge and Policy Administration Charge)


Benefit and Coverage

In the case of death

Account Value from Top Up (if any) + the higher value of either

 1. Sum Assured – accumulated value of withdrawal (if any) or

 2. Account Value of SP + 10% of Single Premium


Survival Coverage

Paid according to Account Value at the maturity date


Free Accidental Death Benefit

  • Coverage until age 75 years
  • The coverage as the sum assured  and maximum sum assured 1 MB
  • According to the coverage conditions specified in the policy

Bonus of Single Premium

  • 0.25% of the account value from single premium
  • Bonus will be paid end of policy year 5th onward

Remark: The bonus will be ended if there is partial withdrawal from single premium during the first 5 years

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Issued age: 1 month  – 70 years old
  • No Health Declaration Form and Health Check-up

Insurance details

Single Premium

Minimum 100,000 and Maximum 30 MB per person

Top-Up Premium

Start at 10,000 Bath / time , Maximum 120 MB / year / Policy

Sum Assured

110% % of Single Premium

Coverage Premium

Single Premium

Coverage Term

Until age 99 years

Premium Payment Method

  • Mode of Payment :

Single Premium

Single Premium

Top-Up Premium

Available to payment anytime in a policy year  and deducted premium charge before investment
  • Premium Payment Method

Premium Payment Method

First year premium Renewal year premium

Single Premium

Cash and direct debit -
Top-Up Premium Cash and direct debit cash, cheque and direct debit

Regular Fee

Miscellaneous Fee

Exercise of account Value

  • Policy surrender
  • Policy Withdrawal

Policy surrender

In case the insured would like to policy surrender, the surrender value equal to the insured policy account value minus the cost of withdrawing the insurance policy account value as specified in the policy expenses table combined with the insurance for the number of days that have not yet provided coverage (if any) and will cause this insurance policy to be effective. If there are any liabilities outstanding under this insurance policy.


Partial withdrawal

In case of the insured would like to partial withdrawal, the minimum of withdrawal at 10,000 baht and remaining account value at least 20,000 baht (no interest), please contact the company for this process.

Tax Benefits

Life insurance premium is eligible for tax-deductible for actual amount paid but not exceeding 100,000 baht per year. (According to the revenue department director's announcement No.172)

(Only COI, Premium Allocation Charge and Policy Administration Charge))


What the insured should know

1. This is life insurance product 

This product is a life insurance and not a bank deposit, not  free mutual fund with free insurance and not insurance cover with free mutual fund

2. The sum insured affects the expenses

If the insured amount is high, the Cost of Insurance will be higher as well and will increase as the insured gets older.

3. Expenses are not fixed even with fixed premiums.

Some expenses will vary with the age of the insured. and the return of the fund Please refer to the policy fee schedule for details.

4. Available to withdraw money from the policy

Withdrawing money from the policy or surrendering the policy too early will incur high fees. Please refer to the table in the policy book for details.

5. Investments are deducted to pay policy fees every month.

The fee will be deducted from the premium paid and from the automatic redemption of investment units every month. And if insurance premiums and investments are insufficient to cover the fees the policy will expire immediately. Therefore, the insured should study and supervise the investment to grow, otherwise the policy must be Top-Up so that the policy does not expire.

6. Only partial tax relief Tax deductible only for expenses and fees of the policy. The portion that can be used for investment is not deductible

7. No Return Guarantee

As for investment, there is no guarantee of return. The figures shown in the benefit spreadsheet are just examples for your understanding

Precautions and practices

  1. Consider financial readiness to pay insurance premiums before deciding to get insurance because it is a product that has a long-term financial commitment.
  2. Make sure to understand the coverage and conditions of the insurance and the investment part before making a decision to make insurance
  3. Although the information and figures in the sales documents are complex ,the insured must study and understand it , please consult your insurance company reprehensive or seller to clarify any issues if you do not understand.
  4. You should fill out the application form by yourself. Do not sign on the blank form and check the details in the application are correct before signing
  5. Always ask for proof of receipt of money from the seller. It must be noted that it is the evidence of the insurance company.
  6. After buying a policy, you may receive calls from an insurance company. Please be prepared undergo a life insurance phone interview.
  7. Follow up and pay attention to the documents you receive from your life insurance company, so you can take full advantage of your insurance benefits.
  8. Investment is risky. The insured may receive a refund of more or less than the total premium allocated to the mutual fund. If the performance of the mutual fund is good the insured will receive a high return. But if the performance of the mutual fund is not good the insured will receive return is less than the initial investment or losses.


Company rights

  1. The company can refuse the insurance application. If the customer refuses to take the suitability test or provides the necessary information in the insurance application form
  2. In the event that the insured commits suicide within 1 year or is killed by the beneficiary The company has the right to terminate the contract.
  3. In the event that the insured discloses false information conceal the truth The company can cancel the contract.
  4. In the event that the applicant has health problems The company has the right to refuse the insurance request.


Complaint Channel

  1. The Insured complaints can be made at the following
  2. Complaint Unit The Insured Rights Center, 6th Floor, Thai Life Assurance Building or Tel. 1124
  3. Office of Insurance Commission Insurance hotline, call 1186 or
  4. The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (Office of the SEC) Help Center call 0-2263-6000 or
  5. CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited Tel. 0 2626 7777



  • The information herein is only partial that is intended for the sales purposes only and not considered an integral part of the insurance contract. Insured are advised to study and understand the policy for their own benefit.
  • Insured should understand the details pertaining to coverage and conditions prior to committing to any insurance plan.
  • This product is a life insurance not a deposit. Insured should pay the insurance premium until the completion of the insurance premium payment period and hold it until maturity in order to gain the maximum benefit. In case of the coverage ends prematurely, insured may not reacquire the principal in its entirety or at all.
  • CIMB Thai Bank Plc. is only a life insurance, provides services as a life insurance broker, and had responsibility for action as a life insurance broker only and receives an insurance premium under the name of Thai Life Insurance Plc. only, If you have any query about Life insurance, please contact Thai Life Insurance Plc. Tel. 0 2247 0247
  • Contact : All branches of CIMB Thai Bank Plc., CIMB Thai Care Center 0 2626 7777, CIMB Thai website
  • Life insurance is provided by Thai Life Insurance Plc. The bank is merely the broker that recommending the channel for the insurance.