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Features & Benefits

Protect Your Liabilities Benefit And Coverage Coverage Term
Protect Your Liabilities
Benefit And Coverage
Coverage Term

Eligibility & Requirements

  • You must be a CIMB THAI Business-loan customer
  • Issued age: 25 – 60 years old (when combined with the coverage term, age must not exceed 67 years)
  • Health Check-up: Standard practice following the regulations of Thai Life Insurance Plc.

Premium Payment Method

You can pay your premium through self-finance or finance. The payment amount will depend on the sum assured, coverage term and your personal details, such as gender and age.

Additional Features

  • Minimum Sum Assured: 100,000 baht

  • Maximum Sum Assured: Equal loan amount or not exceeding 20,000,000 baht

  • Insurance premium for dismemberment and permanent disability can be eligible for personal income tax deduction up to 15,000 baht. When combined with life insurance premium, it must not exceed 100,000 baht per year (according to the revenue department director's announcement No.315).


  • Insurance applied does not affect loan approval.

  • Health declaration is important for underwriting and is taken into consideration for benefit payments. 

  • The information appearing in this document is intended for sales purposes only and not considered an integral part of the insurance contract. Applicants are advised to study and understand the policy for their own benefit.

  • Applicants should study the details pertaining to coverage and conditions prior to committing any insurance plan.

  • This product is a life insurance and not a money deposit. Applicants should hold on to the policy until maturity in order to gain the maximum benefit. In the case where the coverage ends prematurely, the applicants may not reacquire the principal in its entirety or at all.

  • CIMB Thai Co., Plc is only an insurance broker that recommends the channel for the insurance and receives an insurance premium under the name of Thai Life Insurance Plc. For more information please contact 1124.

  • Life insurance is provided by Thai Life Insurance Plc. The bank is merely the broker that recommends the channel for the insurance.

  • CIMB Thai Co., Plc and Thai Life Insurance Plc. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.