• Life Insurance

CIMB THAI Flexi Protection 99/5 and 99/10 are life insurance products that offer great benefits and coverage with degrees of flexibility and cash back.

CIMB THAI Healthy Retirement A55/55 and A60/60 are life insurance products that promise to provide a healthy life after retirement.

The key to a perfect life; CIMB THAI Perfect Life 124 is a life insurance product that ensures a life that you desire with a huge amount of maturity benefits.

CIMB THAI Savings Plus 10/6 adds a value to your savings with a short term payment but long term protection with no health check-up required.



CIMB THAI Smile Retirement 60/5 is a life insurance policy that allows you to retire with a smile.

Strengthen your future financial plan with CIMB THAI Super Savings 15/7 plan.

Protect your family and your beloved.Prepare for your future plans along with a lump sum retirement

Protects you from the risk of outliving your money and helps to cover basic expenses in retirement

To be confident that your liability will not be the burden for your family.


If the unexpected event is happening to you, liabilities are over. And the remaining money is an inheritance for your family.

Coverage for Personal






A single premium unit linked product offers insurance and investment (Unit Linked).Provides you a life coverage together with your financial investment opportunity.




Coverage for Personal




Protect your family. Prepare for your future plans.




Secure the future for your beloved family





Ultimate saving for your life



Lighten the burdens of the housing loan amount. The house is still with your loved ones forever.

Out of obligation Have money for the family to spend




Don't worry about the medical expense and receive the life insurance coverage.




Protect your home for your loved ones Worry-free for the housing loan amount


To be confident that your liability will not be the burden for your family.



Product offers insurance and investment (Unit Linked) .Freedom to decide your investment to build financial stability for your family.


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