• Break Free...with CIMB THAI Personal Loan Refinancing Program

Special Interest for Credit Card Loan Outstanding

  • Interest rate of 11.84% p.a. throughout contract term (24 months)
  • Interest rate of 13.33%  p.a. throughout contract term (36 months)

Period : Today  – 31 Jul 19

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Terms and conditions

Privilege for Personal Cash applicants granted approval during  Today - 31 Jul 19

  1. Interest rate at 11.84% p.a. is offered throughout 24-month term of contract. For employee with monthly fixed income of THB 30,000 and holds any bank’s credit card for over 24 months
  2. Interest rate at 13.33% p.a.is offered throughout 36 –month term of contract .For employee with monthly fixed  income of THB 50,000.
  3. Minimum approval limit is THB 30,000 and maximum is 5 times the applicant’s income or up to THB 1.5 million. The loan will be transferred to deposit account. The Bank reserves the right to consider approving the credit limit and special interest rate under this program or reject the request subjected to the Bank’s criteria.
  4. Minimum credit limit of THB 30,000 or above. Approved credit is to be transferred to the applicant’s savings account. Maximum credit limit of 5X of the applicant’s monthly income or not over THB 1.5 million. The Bank reserves the rights to consider the approval of credit limit, special interest rate under this promotion campaign, or to refuse the loan application under the Bank’s credit underwriting principles.
  5. In case a customer close the account before contract term ends, the Bank will charge the fee for premature account closing at the rate of 1% of approved credit limit.
  6. In case of any breach of settlement conditions (e.g. late or overdue settlement), the Bank will adjust the interest rate to 28% p.a., starting from the day after the breached scheduled settlement date, until the settlement is made in accordance with the Bank’s conditions. The maximum total amount of interest, fine, service charge, late settlement penalty, or any other fee will not exceed 28% as prescribed in the Bank’s terms and conditions.
  7. The Bank reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions of this promotion campaign and will notify of the changes as per principles prescribed by the Bank of Thailand. In case of any dispute or disagreement, the decision of the Bank shall be final and conclusive.
  8. Details regarding interest, fee, and fine shall be as per the principles and conditions prescribed by the Bank.

Note “Employees with monthly fixed income” refers to government or state enterprise official, or private company employees who receive fixed amount of monthly income