• Phemkha Sabai-Jai Fixed Deposit

High interest for saving enthusiasts

Monthly deposit in fixed amount for minimum of 1,000 baht but not exceeding 25,000 baht a month


24-months and 36-months saving duration.


Fixed interest rate for the whole duration.

Free of tax


The depositor will receive a special privilege to be income tax-exempted from interest.

Free accident insurance


Free personal accident insurance for the whole savings duration.


The coverage is in accordance with the deposited money when the duration ends.


Up to 600,000 baht coverage.

Free of transaction fee


Free automatic deduction service from depository or current account to transfer to Pherm Ka Sabai Jai saving account each month without any transfer fee (in case the transaction is done in the same region).


When the duration ends, the bank will automatically transfer both the principal sum together with the interest to your savings or current account.

Document Requirements:

  • ID card issued by Thai government (for Thai Nationality only)

Account Opening Requirements:

  • Age 1 month - 65 years at the account opening day
  • 1 person per 1 account (Included all monthly tax-free account)
  • A minimum account opening at THB 1,000 and maximum at THB 25,000
  • Deposit amount shall be multiples of THB 500 (i.e. THB 1,500 / 2,000 / 2,500) and, thereafter, equally monthly deposit (same amount with the initial deposit)
  • Choices of deposits: 24 and 36 month-tenor
  • At maturity, the Bank will automatically transfer the outstanding balance and the total interest from "Phemkha Sabai-Jai Account" to your linked CIMB saving or current account, under the same account name

Deposit Requirements:*

  • Equal monthly deposit
  • Maximum 2 months fail to deposit is allowable and the maturity date will be extending by the absent months
  • Fail to deposit exceeds 2 consecutive months, the interest of this account will be converted into a daily normal saving rate (applicable for withholding taxes 15%)
  • In case of early withdrawal before the account maturity:
    - Within 3 months: No interest will be paid
    - 3 months and after: Interest will be paid according to the announced saving rate, calculated outstanding balance with the actual period (applicable for withholding tax 15%)

Complimentary P.A. Conditions**

  • Protection period: The coverage starts from the account opening day and the condition that the depositor age 1 month - 65 years old
  • Protection expired: When account is maturity, early withdrawal before maturity, or failure to deposit exceeding 2 times

* Terms and Conditions are subject to the Bank's announcement
** Terms and conditions of the complimentary Personal Insurance are subject to the Insurance Company


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