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Fixed deposits may not be able to sustain you and your dependents for long. To prepare your desired lifestyle after retirement, it would be prudent to look for other sources of income.

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A fixed savings plan perfect for seniors; tax-free with high monthly interest rate to provide the assurance you need with any expense after retirement.


Super Savings 15/7

Strengthen your future financial plan with CIMB THAI Super Savings 15/7 plan.

Protection 15/5


Because family matters. Ensure the best coverage for your beloved ones with our CIMB THAI Protection 15/5 plan.  

Smart Protection 10/5

Ensure that your family is taken care of financially should something happen to you.

Have your medical expenses covered together with life protection. CIMB THAI Health Plus is a life insurance product perfect for men or women of 16-60 years of age that offers generous benefits and coverage.

Perfect Life 12/4


The key to a perfect life; CIMB THAI Perfect Life 124 is a life insurance product that ensures a life that you desire with a huge amount of maturity benefits.


Savings Plus 10/6


CIMB THAI Savings Plus 10/6 adds value to your savings with a short-term savings plan; short-term savings but long term protection with no medical check required.



CIMB THAI Smile Retirement 60/5 is a life insurance policy that allows you to retire with a smile.


CIMB THAI Healthy Retirement 55/55 and 60/60 are life insurance products that promise to provide a healthy life after retirement.


CIMB THAI Flexi 99/1, 99/5 and 99/10 are insurance products designed to support all your life concerns. Choose CIMB THAI Flexi for a flexible life.


CIMB THAI Flexi Protection 99/5 and 99/10 are life insurance products that offer great benefits and coverage with degrees of flexibility and cash back.


Investment under this plan is easy, saves budget, and builds investment discipline, applying the DCA approach, which lowers risks and generates favorable returns in the long run.

Our daily banking products and services are designed to provide you with higher rewards and better convenience.

Recommended Products

We take care of your accidental medical care.

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