• Quick Guarantee

A simplified version of our Letter of Guarantee applications process with faster turnaround time and simple documentation.

Quick Letter of Guarantee (L/G) within 1 business day * 

*As per condition prescribed by CIMB THAI

No credit consideration process required.

Apply for L/G at any CIMB THAI branch, and receive the L/G at any branch regardless of whether it is the same branch as that application is filed. 

1. Cash Collateral are Fixed Deposit Account or Saving Deposit Account (other person's account is allowed subject to Account Owner's Consent Letter).

2. Type of Guarantee is;

2.1  Utility Guarantee e.g. request for Electrictity Meter or Electricity Payment with PEA,MEA

2.2 Bank Guarantee Standard Format of CIMB THAI

  1. Customer checks applicable Quick Guarantee L/G form with branch staff.

  2. Customer applies for Quick Guarantee and pledges right to receipt of returned deposit.

  3. Customer claims Quick Guarantee L/G from any CIMB THAI branch within 1 business day.*

    *As per condition prescribed by CIMB THAI

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