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Is the handling of domestic sales and export documents, which are presented to the Bank by the seller /exporter to collect payment from a buyer through the buyer’s bank.

This is a service provided for exporters who agree to pay money in a form of Document Against Payment (D/P) And Document Against Acceptance (D/A) export bills. The exporter presents documents to the Bank to collect money with the buyer overseas.

A short term post-shipment financing on a “without recourse” basis, whereby the Bank discounts the exporter’s usance export documents drawn under Documentary Credit after acceptance of the documents by the Issuing Bank.

Receive a loan for short-term working capital for the purchase of materials or intermediate goods for export. Simply provide evidence of the purchase and apply for an export loan under an irrevocable L/C or an export loan under a sales contract/purchase order

A facility granted by the Bank to its customers (sellers) whereby the Bank purchases, with recourse, a customer's sight domestic sales documents, or dicounts usance domestic sales documents

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