• Payments@CIMB

A service that will help you with the payment of salary to your employees’ accounts via electronic fund transfer. The amount will be deducted from your account with CIMB THAI before transferred to employees’ accounts either with CIMB Thai or another bank in the specified time. Transaction report can be viewed at BIZChannel@CIMB.

Supplement services and special privileges are offered to your employees when they register for CIMB@Work, including special interest rates on deposits, loans and etc.

A service that will facilitate you in making payments to suppliers/vendors according to your instructions, either by fund transfer or cheque payment. International traders can transfer fund to overseas suppliers/vendors via BIZChannel@CIMB. Direct instruction of fund transfer via the system helps you save time and cost and reduce the process of document preparation.

A cooperation between CIMB THAI and Thailand Securities Depository (TSD) to serve you with the transfer of dividend, interest and other monetary benefits payments to your shareholders’ accounts with any banks in Thailand (eDividend). Be assured of punctual payment or cheque issuance for further delivery to the shareholders by TSD. Transaction can be checked via BIZChannel@CIMB.

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