• Quick Guarantee

A simplified version of our Letter of Guarantee applications process with faster turnaround time and simple documentation.

Quick Letter of Guarantee (L/G) within 1 business day * 

*As per condition prescribed by CIMB THAI

No credit consideration process required.

Apply for L/G at any CIMB THAI branch, and receive the L/G at any branch regardless of whether it is the same branch as that application is filed. 

  • Collateral are Fixed deposit account or savings deposit account (other person's account allowed subject to account owner's consent).

  • We serve many types of Quick Guarantee as this followings :

    - Utility Guarantee e.g. request for electricity meter

    - Customs Guarantee

    - Performance Bond

    - Bid Bond

    - Advance Payment Bond

    - Retention Bond

    - Bank Guarantee Standard Format

    - Others (please check with our branch staff)

  1. Customer checks applicable Quick Guarantee L/G form with branch staff.

  2. Customer applies for Quick Guarantee and pledges right to receipt of returned deposit.

  3. Customer claims Quick Guarantee L/G from any CIMB THAI branch within 1 business day.*

    *As per condition prescribed by CIMB THAI

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